How to get more fish food on Temu

You can get more fish food on Temu to feed by playing the Fishland game on the app. The more food you get for your fish, the more you can progress through the game, unlocking exciting rewards.

Below is a look at creative ways of earning more fish food and other important information you need when playing the game.

What is the fish game on Temu?

The Fishland game is one of the several free games on the Temu app. It allows you to collect virtual fish, which you can feed with the fish food.

Every time you feed your fish, you earn coins that you can use to exchange for various rewards on the app.

How do you get fish food on Temu Fishland?

Several techniques can be used to obtain fish food in Temu. Depending on your time and resources, choose what works best for you.

Below is a look at them:

1. Inviting friends to play the Fishland game

One of the best ways to earn free fish food on the Fishland game is to invite new friends to play the game.

  • Launch Temu and go to the Fishland game.
  • Tap the Friends icon at the bottom left of the screen to invite people to join the app.
  • Alternatively, share invite links and codes on your social media account to attract more people to the game.
Friends on Temu
Inviting Friends on Temu

You can earn up to 600 grams of fish food for every new friend who downloads the Temu app.

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In addition, you can earn 20 grams of fish food for every existing Temu app user who accepts your invitation to play the Fishland game.

2. Completing tasks

Completing tasks in the Fishland game is another cool way to earn free fish food on Temu. Several tasks in the game will provide you with a continuous supply of fish food.

Sowing is one of the top tasks you can complete in the game. To sow:

  • Tap (or click) on the plant pot icon at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Wait two minutes for the seeds you have planted to be ready to harvest (in the form of fish food rewards).
  • Sow and harvest up to 20 times a day.

In addition to the “pot plant” icon, the “seaweed” icon at the bottom of the screen is another feature that allows you to sow and harvest fish food.

You can also earn more fish food by tapping on different icons such as “Treasure,” “Hunt,” and “Get more” and completing various tasks.

3. Purchasing items from the Temu app

Temu app offers users various rewards, including fish food for the Fishland game, for spending money on the app.

Therefore, apart from playing the game, you can shop for your favorite products on the app for a chance to earn free fish food. The more money you spend, the more food you will earn.

4. Using fish food codes

You can also earn free fish food on Temu by using Fishland codes.

For starters, you should go to the “invite friends” section and retrieve your code, which you should then share with other users on your social network.

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Once someone searches for your code on the Temu app, you will receive a reward, which can include free fish food.

You can also earn free food by searching for other people’s fish food codes on Temu. Visit online community forums, for example, Reddit, where Fishland players often share their codes with other users.

Temu Fishland community on Reddit
Temu Fishland community on Reddit

And like with your code, whenever you search for another user’s code on the Temu app, you can earn various rewards, including free fish food.

Does fish food expire on Temu?

Earning fish food on Temu is not easy, so it is understandable to be concerned that your rewards will go to waste if you don’t use them. Fortunately, your free Fishland food is safe and will not expire as long as it is in your food bank.

However, any fish food credits and rewards not claimed can expire. For example, when a game ends, you’ll likely lose any unclaimed fish food rewards (received after making a purchase).

Therefore, it is always a good idea to claim all available fish food credits and add them to your food bank.

Can you really win free stuff on Temu?

Given the number of online scams available today, you might be skeptical about the trustworthiness of Temu and the Fishland game, especially regarding the free stuff promise.

However, you should not be! Temu is a legit shopping site, and several people have reported winning free stuff after completing the app’s Fishland game.

Of course, to win the free stuff, you must complete your game and perform other required tasks, such as inviting friends to the app.

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All these tasks take time, but the free stuff offered at the end will be worth it. Therefore, you must get more fish food on Temu and keep feeding your fish to progress through the games faster.

How to exchange fish food on Temu

At the beginning of each Fishland game, you will be asked to select the gifts you want to receive.

Once the game starts, you will earn coins and increase your progress (from 0% to 100%) with every feeding. If you reach 100% before the game’s deadline, you will receive your chosen gifts, which Temu will ship to your location.

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