GamePigeon Tanks: How to play, cheats, tips, tricks iPhone

Tim Vickers

GamePigeon titles are among the best mini-game editions available on iMessage. With the many collections of games available only a few tend to stand out. Tanks is among the most played games on iMessage.

The main aim when playing GamePigeon tanks is to avoid getting blasted by your enemies. There are several ways a player can achieve this.

It is a good tactical game and therefore a few tips and hints are the perfect way to increase your level of competitiveness.

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Before setting up to compete you might want to go through the gameplay rules to make sure that you understand every feature the game offers. The rules of this game are simple.

If you are just starting out or you would like to beat your friends at the game, here are the gameplay rules and tips that will help you to know how to play tanks on Gamepigeon.

Gameplay and rules

game with tanks

  1. The first thing you need to do is to select a terrain to operate on. Mainly there are two types, flat and valley.
  2. Before embarking on a challenge, you will be prompted to click on target practice to prepare you for the game.
  3. You need to get the highest number of points for you to win a multi-player challenge.

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Tips to use in Tanks on iMessage

How to win tanks on iMessage will depend on your reaction speed and how well you can anticipate moves from other players.

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There are a few things that will however give you the edge over other players.

1. Practice

Make sure you practice before competing. Enough practice will make you familiar with how the game fully works.

There are features that are best exploited first before applying them during competitive gameplay.

2. Dirt Mover

When battling choose the Dirt Mover, point your barrel to 270 degrees. Before firing set power up to 100 and release the shot.

This shot will result in you being halfway through making a banker.

3. Magical wall

In order to protect yourself better create a magical wall inside your bunker. This shields you from underground attacks.

Tanks game

4. Dirt Slinger

When defending your tank from enemy missiles fired, shoot a Dirt Slinger in the air at 90 degrees. Your tank will be protected by dirt, therefore, reducing the damage encountered.

5. Identify your strengths

When making a selection of where to play pick an area that will go well with your currently owned tank. Do not go for the valley if you are not well prepared.

6. Pick opponents strategically

The kind of competition you get will determine how well your skill set will be developed. At your initial stages start with less experienced players as you work your way up.

Good players will know a thing or two therefore you require good preparations to match up to them.

The best way to be sure to enjoy the game is by having the power of prediction. Try and guess what the enemies will do and quickly figure out a countermeasure.

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You can perfect this art through constant practice of the game.

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