Top 8 free online music visualizers in 2024

Lillie Spikes

Online music visualizers are software used to create animated imagery determined by the audio music’s frequency, rhythm, loudness, and spectrum.

With this software, you can utilize an extensive range of functions and use visualization templates available.

These visualization tools enable users to merge graphics with audio to enjoy their music with more than just their ears. In addition, many online tools will allow you to manipulate on time with a live camera and on simultaneous video files.

Below is a list of the best free online music visualizers you can find right now. 

1. RenderforestRenderforest music visualizer

Renderforest music visualizer is a free online video generator platform that permits users to produce high-quality videos for business or private purposes.

Anyone can register in a few simple steps for absolutely free.

Users can create as many videos as they want using customizable templates and share them via social networks. You don’t need to create music waves of your own.

Instead, you pick a template, upload your track and then edit as you like by adding a logo and a background.

With Renderforest’s free package, you don’t pay anything to create, watch and share your videos, but you are not allowed to download them.

2. MotionBox

MotionBox is one of the most used online video editing software with many cool features you can use to visualize your music in real time.

It has both free and premium packages. With MotionBox, you can create GIFs or even turn your podcast into a video.

It allows you to upload the audio you want, video, or images and add elements such as text and visualizers.

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You can also choose to use pre-made templates or stock visuals available. With MotionBox’s free package, you don’t pay anything. Although it has limited storage of 2GB and includes watermarks.

3. Videobolt

Videobolt music visualizer

Videobolt gives you the creative freedom to visualize your music, with the option to retain the default audio or upload your file in M4A, FLAC, WAV, or MP3 formats.

It also has a free and premium version to choose from over 1500 premium templates.

With Videobolt, you can choose from various styles for the video, such as cartoon, grungy, cinematic, and retro. Before opening the editor, choose the dimensions and the template you want.

This gives you the freedom to customize your video as you wish. With this tool, you can experiment with the template’s different colors and alter everything around it.

For example, each customized track will display a title, logo, subtitle, and more, which you are free to change without losing the effects.

You don’t pay anything with Videobolt’s free package, but your videos will be watermarked and have no commercial license.

4. Veed


If you want to create striking videos for your enjoyment and business, you should consider using Veed. Its basic features are similar to those of Videobolt and Motionbox.

Still, its customized templates cover various music visualization elements such as adverts, tutorials, music releases, or banners.

Veed has a very easy user interface, and the editing function has many options. As a beginner with Veed, you can use the stock, recorded, or uploaded media. Then you add sound waves, shapes, subtitles, typed or drawn text, and more.

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You can use the free version to visualize your videos without upgrading to the premium version.

In addition, you can use Veed to promote your music on social media by designing eye-catching audiograms, audio spectrums, and waveforms.

5. Specterr

Specterr music visualization tool

This is a great audio and video editing tool, unlike most free online music visualizers. Specterr has free customizable templates that you can adjust to suit your project’s needs.

The editor function lets you alter the visualization color, shape, effects, and motion. With Specterr, you can delete or change the text or even add lyrics.

The custom background enables you to personalize your video even more. The free version of Spectrr will allow you to make eye-catching videos of HD quality, with 720p running at 30 frames per second.

However, Specterr only supports WAV and MP3 audio formats and does not have as many templates as Renderforest or Videobolt.

6. OpenShot


OpenShot is a free online music visualizer without a watermark video editor tool. It is an extension that enables you to make and edit audio online while browsing the internet. It is an OpenShot video editor that is operated online.

This means you will access all the features the OpenShot tool provides online. As an open-source video editor, OpenShot online supports codecs used by FFmpeg, such as HEVC, WebM, AVCHD, aac, and MP3.

The tool will output OGV, MPEG4, DVD, Blu-ray, and HD videos that you can upload to other online video websites. You can learn about its new features from the company’s blog.

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In addition, the OpenShot online editor function can trim, resize, cut, compose, image overlay, add watermarks, and many more.

7. SongRender

SongRender online music visualizer

If you want to create a simple video, consider using SongRender. The tool has no pre-made templates; you need to select the size of your video, then upload your audio file and the background image.

There is an option to customize the visualizer against the backdrop while at the same time adding text, more images, waveforms, or a progress bar.

SongRender has a very easy-to-use interface that you can take advantage of to produce your content and market your brand.

8. Vizzy

Vizzy music visualizers

Vizzy is a powerful music visualizer online tool where you can edit and save your work online for free.

The editor function on Vizzy allows you to edit everything from your images to sound and add a video to your audio visualizer, animations and effects.

You can also adjust the resolution of your music from 480p and 720p to 1080p to get HD videos. The tool also has a 3D mode, which you can use to enhance your music visualization.

Is there a YouTube music visualizer?

YouTube music does not have a visualizer app of its own. However, you can install third-party browsing extensions as a visualizer.

For example, you can use tools such as Veed to add soundwave or spectrum to your YouTube music. With many free online music visualizers, you have plenty of options at your disposal.

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