5 free Brainly alternatives for maths questions and answers

Tim Vickers

Brainly has helped millions of students with schoolwork. Students have used the website and its app to solve Math problems, including Geometry, Trigonometry, and Algebra.

But it is not the only app to help you solve Maths questions. Many free Brainly alternatives exist, including Quora, fxSolver, and Mathpix Snip.

However, if you want a quick Math problem solver that doesn’t cost anything, here are the top five apps like Brainly, that are free to use.

1. Socratic


Socratic is definitely the best free Brainly alternative. It is a service from Google that uses AI to solve your Math problem.

Socratic will solve Math problems at the high school and university level. When you ask the app, it will use AI to find the best online resources to help you learn the concepts and solve the problem.

Unlike other similar apps, Socratic will solve problems on different subjects. It will solve Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, and Literature.

2. Mathway


Mathway is another Math website like Brainly. It offers a calculator to solve Algebra, Calculus, and graphing.

Mathway has many Math solutions that solve and help you understand complex concepts. However, Mathway uses your device’s camera and other methods to solve Math problems.

To use Mathway, you must point your camera and snap a photo. You can also type your Math question and get step-by-step answers.

While you can use Mathway on the web, the service has an Android and iOS app that will achieve the same results.  

3. Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange looks like Brainly for many reasons. It solves Math problems through its dedicated site called Math Stack Exchange.

Math Stack Exchange lets you browse existing questions and ask your questions for free to get answers. Furthermore, the site has an online community of individuals ready to answer your Math questions.

Stack Exchange will solve Math problems on any topic. Furthermore, it has a section for puzzles and games that involve mathematical principles.

Understand that Stack Exchange is only available via a web interface. The service does not have a mobile app.

4. Guathmath

Guathmath app

Guamath uses artificial intelligence to solve Math problems. It is a great alternative to Brainly because it gives you accurate answers instantly with ease.

Guamath has a good Math calculator. You can snap a photo using the in-built camera, submit it to Guamath, and let the AI homework solver generate an accurate and fast answer.

Guamath will solve Algebra, Calculus, and Math work problems. It will also show you step-by-step answers.

Although Guamath is free, it offers a premium one-on-one tutoring service. The optional tutoring service is available 24/7.

5. Cymath


Cymath is a simple app to use because you only have to enter a math problem for your school work or homework.

After entering the problem, the app will solve it for you step-by-step. The beauty of Cymath is that it can solve Algebra and Calculus problems.

Some of the Algebra and Calculus problems that Cymath can solve include trigonometry, quadratic equations, partial fraction, logarithms, chain rules, trigonometric substitution, and integration by parts and partial fractions.

Although Cymath is free, it offers a premium service. The difference is that the premium service lets you see how a step is done and why a step is taken on most Math problems.

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