Top 10 free alternatives to PimEyes for facial recognition

Tim Vickers

PimEyes is a premium online face search engine that finds pictures of a person across the internet. The search engine uses face recognition technologies to perform a reverse image search.

You can use it to find a face and determine its origins on the internet. PimEyes is accurate and can even help you permanently erase unwanted photos from specific websites and protect your privacy.

While PimEyes is not 100% accurate, it is better than most image search engines. The only issue is that the service costs $29.99 monthly, and you will not even get unlimited searches

If you need to do a reverse image search, but you don’t want to pay for a PimEyes subscription, there are various free alternatives to use.

Top 10 free alternatives to PimEyes

These are the top 10 free alternatives to PimEyes for reverse-searching images online. 

1. Berify


Regarding free alternatives to PrimEyes, Berify is the best reverse image search engine to consider.

The app helps you find where else your images are or what services or individuals on the internet are using for storing your photos.

An advantage is that it can help you protect your images online, discover stolen content, or identify copyright infringement.

All you have to do is upload your image, and the engine will do the rest. Berify offers premium and free reverse image search, but you must sign in to use the service.

2. Betaface


Betaface is an advanced face recognition software program and one of the best free alternatives to PimEyes. It provides solutions for face identification, recognition, and verification.

With Betaface, detecting, analyzing, and comparing faces is easier.

But perhaps the most significant selling point of the program is that it can classify faces based on age, gender, and smile and detect up to 22 basic facial points.

3. Bing Visual Search

Bing Visual Search

Bing Visual Search allows users to search the web using images instead of text. You can use the engine to find images similar to what you uploaded.

Bing Visual Search is best for finding products and pages with images. It also comes in handy if you have an image of a product that you would love to shop for but you don’t know its name.

The best part is that it is straightforward to use. All you have to do is drag an image, paste an image URL, browse an image from your computer, or take a photo of an image and upload it to get similar results.

4. Google Images

Google Images

Google Images is a web-based engine that allows you to search for images online.

It works the same as the Google Search Engine, but the difference is that it returns image media based on the keywords you entered. You must enter the textual search term describing the image you want.

In addition, you can upload an image and do a reverse search. 

But unlike similar services, Google Images will return thousands of results and allow you to choose what you want.

5. ImageRaider


ImageRaider is one of the best reverse image search engines.

When you visit the site, all you have to do is to upload an image. Then, the service will search the internet to find the location of the photo you uploaded.

Furthermore, it will give you results of any other web pages where an individual or entity has posted it.

ImageRaider works well for developers, photographers, and anybody that is cautious about their online privacy.

6. PicTrevPicTrev

PicTrev is the best facial recognition search engine for people that want to compare celebrity images. The service allows you to find look-alike celebrities on the web.

In other words, when you upload a photo of a person, it will use its algorithm to find a celebrity that looks like the person in the picture.

However, results from PicTrev can vary significantly based on the quality and resolution of the image you provided.

7. Pinterest Image Search

Pinterest Image Search

Pinterest Image Search is a reverse image search that allows you to find images others have posted elsewhere on the internet. It also has features that help you find information about an image.

Pinterest offers two ways of searching for images.

First, you can search for an image by typing in the search text. Secondly, you can find other images similar to your image by uploading them. In return, you will get relevant results to use as you wish.

8. SocialCatfishSocialCatfish

SocialCatfish is a reverse image search that targets individuals who prefer dating online. The engine allows you to verify the photo of a person you have met online.

That helps confirm that you are not talking to someone who has stolen another person’s identity.

But SocialCatfish can offer more, including finding copyrighted photos and searching for product photos.

9. TinEye


TinEye is an image search and recognition programme that is a great alternative to PimEyes.

The application allows you to find an image online and determine its origin or how other services are using it.

You can use the app to achieve different objectives, including image identification, tracking, and verification.

TinEye is free to use, and you can get results by uploading an image or pasting an image URL to find more information about it.

10. Yandex ImagesYandex Images

Yandex Images is also another online image search engine that’s worth considering if you need a site that’s similar to PimEyes.

You can use it to search for any image you want, including screen backgrounds, illustrated photos, and diagrams.

Furthermore, the platform allows you to search for the origin of an image or determine the service that is using a specific image.

You can search for a photo on Yandex Images by entering a keyword.


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