Dollar General coupons are not working? How to fix

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The advantage of Dollar General digital coupons is that they help shoppers save money on the items they buy and those they want to try.

The coupons enable users to receive, view, and track their receipts digitally, access personalized offers and deals, and create lists of items they need in the future.

You can only get digital coupons by downloading the Dollar General app. The app has a digital coupon section that you can use to redeem your offers.

Dollar General digital coupons are paperless coupons. You must load them into your account first and then redeem them using your phone number during checkout.

While these coupons are great, there have been complaints of late that the Dollar General coupons are not working. 

Why Dollar General coupons are not working

Your Dollar General Coupons are not working because of different reasons:

  • The coupons have expired.
  • The coupons have failed to scan.
  • You have not used the original coupon.
  • The promotional code on the coupons is invalid.
  • The coupon is for a product not sold at Dollar General.

The coupons can also fail to work if you have used more than the maximum number required in a day.

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You may also experience problems with the app when redeeming the coupons. In most cases, the issues occur due to different reasons, including:

  • An outdated app.
  • System outage.
  • You have a poor internet connection.

Luckily, you can fix some of these issues using other methods.

What to do when Dollar General coupons are not working

If the Dollar general coupon app is not working, try the following to fix the problem:

1. Check your internet connection

You require a stable internet connection to use the Dollar General Digital app. If your mobile data is not working well, you might not be able to redeem your coupons.

In this case, you can either connect to a different network or use a Wi-Fi connection. If mobile data doesn’t work completely even on other apps, contact your service provider for further assistance.

2. Update the app 

Consider updating the Dollar General Digital app for your iOS and Android device. The new app will come with fresh updates and remove the old memory files causing the error.

It is also worth it to update your device’s operating system. Check if there’s a newer version of your phone’s operating system first, then follow the updating procedure provided by the manufacturer.

3. Restart the app and device

A simple solution is to restart the app and device to eliminate conflicting data. That will allow you to establish a new connection to the Dollar General servers and start anew.

If the app is working well, but the coupons are not working, you can try to fix this issue in different ways:

4. Use the coupon on the correct item

You can only redeem this coupon for an item sold at Dollar General. Therefore, ensure that you redeem the coupon only for the same item specified, including its weight, and size. 

It is also worth noting that Dollar General offers free coupons. Therefore, if you redeem them and the process fails, you need to purchase the item to get it for free.

In other words, a Dollar General Coupon offer has a purchase requirement with any free item offers.

5. Use the original coupon

A Dollar General coupon can fail to work if it is a photocopy of the original coupon.

Note that you cannot use a screenshot of the coupon to redeem your offers. You should only use the original coupon as provided.

6. Check the barcode


Dollar General coupons must have a visible and scannable barcode.

You’ll also need a valid promotion code that a Dollar General store assistant can scan. The same applies to internet coupons.

In this case, your internet coupon must have a scannable barcode, promotion code, and a visible and valid expiration date. 

Since you can also get a manufacturer coupon, ensure it has a remit to address before redeeming.

7. Dollar General has removed the coupon

Your Dollar General coupon may not be working because the company has removed the coupon or offer.

Dollar General does not usually explain why it has removed manufacturer coupons or store discounts. In that case, contact their support service for further assistance. 

How often can you use Dollar General digital coupons?

Ideally,  Dollar General digital coupons can only be used once for a single transaction.

However, some digital coupons are flexible and allow you to use them up to five times when buying the same product.

It is also worth noting that Dollar General limits users to only five identical coupons per household per day. In addition, some of the coupons have limits of less than four coupons per day.

But if you are lucky to get a coupon without a specified limit, you will only use it on not more than five items per day.

How many coupons can you use per transaction at Dollar General?

You can only use one manufacturer coupon and one Dollar General coupon per item in a transaction. That also means you cannot stack two or more manufacturer coupons per item.

In addition, you cannot stack two or more Dollar General coupons in a transaction unless noted on the coupon or associated promotional art.

Generally, you can use Dollar General coupons as they apply to a specific product. However, you cannot combine or stack coupons onto a single product for multiplied savings.

The good news is that Dollar General does not limit you on the number of coupons you can load to your account simultaneously. Nonetheless, individual coupons may restrict the number of times you can redeem them.

How do you redeem digital coupons at Dollar General?

You can redeem digital coupons at Dollar General by following the steps below:

  • Log in to your Dollar General account on your mobile device or desktop computer.
  • Select from the offers available.
  • Add the offer to your account.
  • Go to the Checkout.
  • Type your phone number into the pin pad to redeem the offer.

Once done, Dollar General will send you a digital purchase receipt via email or text.

Understand that once you load a coupon into your account, Dollar General will apply it when you buy an eligible item at checkout.

You will have to provide your phone number on the pin pad.


You can use Dollar General coupons to save money on items you want. The company offers both paper and digital coupons.

If the digital app is not working, ensure to check your internet connection, update the app, or restart your device and app.

However, if the coupons are not working, ensure they have not expired. You can also check if you are using the original coupons and that the coupons have a valid expiration date.

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