Dave app is not working? How to fix

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Dave is a great financial app with multiple features such as overdraft protection, cash advances, and automated budgeting. The app can also help you to build your credit history.

Dave’s features are helpful in many ways and that is why it can be a bummer when the app doesn’t work or some of its features don’t function.

We have compiled a list of most of the common problems you can encounter while using Dave and how you can troubleshoot them.

1. Dave app won’t log in

If you have tried logging in consecutively a few times and it won’t go through, give the app a few minutes to an hour before trying again. The servers might be down at that moment.

You should also confirm whether you changed your password and forgot about it. Ensure that you haven’t entered the wrong details while keying in your login details.

Another possible issue why you aren’t able to log into Dave may be that your internet connection is down. First, confirm whether the speeds are working correctly; if they are, move as close to the router as possible to try and strengthen the connectivity.

Go to your error messages in the notifications box to see if your account has been banned or deactivated for any particular reason.

If you are using a third-party app to access the service, go to their official site and confirm whether they are the ones who are down.

2. The app isn’t opening

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If Dave isn’t opening, is showing a black or white screen, or it is freezing, then the problem lies with the device you are using. If this is the case, it takes a few minutes to get you back on track.

  • Try ultimately closing all your unopened apps, then open Dave alone. The problem might be that one of your apps has a temporary bug that is clashing with Dave.
  • Sometimes, the said temporary bug is on your phone side and not the apps. You will need to restart phone your phone. Then open and check whether the bug is cleared.
  • Or, you could wait till your phone battery drains off, charge it till it is full before powering on, then try launching the Dave app.
  • If at all you are still encountering the same problem, try uninstalling the app. But first, make sure you have enabled your iOS device to save your previous settings on iCloud.
  • Assuming all the above has failed, uninstall the app and try installing older versions. Maybe the servers cannot support the updated version with your current device.
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3. Dave failed to process payment

If you deposited money into your Dave account, but the balance has not increased, or you have tried sending money elsewhere, but the receiver has not acknowledged receipt, then try the following;

  • Be patient. Normally, it takes a few minutes to 48 hours for the site developers to process your payment. If it exceeds the time stipulated above, then contact customer service.
  • Check whether the payment went through in the first place; most of the time the receiver will send a confirmation message, and the Dave app will acknowledge receiving it.
  • Refresh your app by closing it entirely than trying to open it again. It might be that your account has not had a chance to update the new information.

4. Dave app won’t connect to the bank

Follow these steps to connect Dave to your bank account:

  • Go to the reconnect page on Dave
  • Search for your bank from the list provided
  • Enter your bank login credentials. The server will confirm whether you want to connect the two entities
  • Press connect and ensure to answer the security questions correctly

That’s it. You have now connected the Dave app to your bank account.

To connect Dave to a second bank account:

  • Go to your profile tab
  • Click on the Tap linked cards and banks icon
  • Press Change
  • Search for the bank you want to change to, then follow the process provided above.

Dave banking app

If the above steps don’t let you in, it might be that your bank account is a savings account, savings investment account, or prepaid account. Dave app does not support those.

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Note that for you to be able to change the linked bank information, you must have paid any outstanding balance beforehand.

5. Dave app won’t load/loading very slowly (ping error/connection error)

If the app feels sluggish or some pages won’t open:

  • The most common reason is that the Dave servers are not working at that point. Wait it out and try again after a while.
  • Move as close to your router as possible and ensure your internet is up to speed. If not, disconnect the router and connect it afresh or contact your internet provider.
  • If too many users connect simultaneously, then the app server might crash. In this case, wait a few minutes before trying again.
  • If the above does not work, opt to install the latest version of the Dave app that your phone can support. Maybe the version you are using is no longer supported on some features.
  • Clear cache and data as they might be corrupted, causing the app to malfunction.

6. Dave app will not update

If you can’t update the app:

  • Check the size of the Dave app from your app store, then confirm whether you have enough storage from your phone’s settings.
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  • It might be that your device’s current software does not support the Dave app version you are trying to install.

If you have similar problems with the Dave app as those mentioned above yet the troubleshooting solutions we have provided do not work, you might need to contact customer service

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Lucky for you, the care agents respond pretty quick. If they don’t respond, try commenting on your issue on our site and we might be able to help.

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