Best cash advance apps like Dave (no credit checks)

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Dave is a financial/banking app that gives users access to a line of credit whenever they need cash.

The app has become popular since no credit checks are required to use the platform. Furthermore, no hidden charges are incurred by anyone borrowing money via the Dave platform.

However, are there any other Dave-like apps that one can use to get instant cash whenever needed?

Here is a list of the best cash advance apps like Dave with no credit checks that you can use to get that required loan.

1. Avant

Speaking of cash advance apps like Dave, Avant is another app that will enable you to get loans from virtually wherever you reside in the United States.

Another advantage of using the Avant app is that it will allow you to apply for loans and manage your credit card. 

Avant app

The app allows you to schedule upcoming payments and pay your loans quickly, view your payment history and adjust your rates whenever needed.

As a result, the Avant online lending platform is very efficient and can process your loan within minutes of application. 

2. Brigit cash advance app

Looking for lending apps like Dave that will allow you to get a loan without credit checks, then Brigit is one app you should try.

Through this app, users can get a quick loan of up to $250. In addition, the Brigit app can also allow you to get a non-interest loan within a few minutes of the application. 

Brigit app

Brigit helps you properly manage your spending, allowing you to spend more and request a payday advance instead of hitting your overdraft.

Its ease of use makes it one of the best payday loan apps like Dave available today. 

3. Chime

Chime is one of the best loan apps. Subsequently, it is one of the best Dave app alternatives.

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The app gives you access to a line of credit. It is also an excellent banking platform that can avail you of a complimentary visa card and a spending and savings account.


Chime provides users with various financial tools that help them properly manage their finances. You can pair it with other financial apps for more features.

The Chime app allows you to make real-time transactions and help you grow your savings, and access a fee-free overdraft facility. 

4. DailyPay

DailyPay is one of the most popular payday loan apps like Dave. The app allows users to access their pay before the employer has disbursed the fund to their accounts.

As a user, you can borrow against your earned but unpaid salaries before the next payday arrive. 


This makes this app very useful for paying your bills on time to avoid the fines that come with delaying them. It is also a perfect companion for anyone willing to meet their personal finance goals.

However, understand that the app is only available to employers using DailyPay as a flexible payment option. 

5. ACE Cash Express

The Ace Cash Express app is one of the best ways to get money faster and conveniently whenever you need a quick fix.

Not only does the app allow you to apply for a loan straight from your phone, but it also allows you to manage your borrowing and spending habits easily.

Furthermore, the ACE Cash app is articulately designed, making it easy for you to refinance the loan in a couple of straightforward steps.   

ACE allows you to make real-time loan repayments and also enables you to plan one-time payments or create a detailed schedule on recurring payments for any existing loans.

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Furthermore, using the app’s cash advance option, you can quickly apply for a loan and get the money within 24 hours.

However, just like other money apps like Dave, to qualify for a loan with the ACE Cash Express app, you must have a bank account, social security number, and a steady source of regular income.

6. Even Instapay

Looking for an app that will allow you access to quick loans? Even better, one that comes with top financial planning tools to help manage your available finances properly?

Even Instapay is the app for you. Through the app, you can apply for a cash advance and have the money deposited into your account on that same business day. 

Even Instapay

Furthermore, the fantastic financial management tools the app provides will help you schedule repayments and adequately manage your spending and borrowing.

However, just like DailyPay, your employer has to support Even Instapay for you to be eligible. 

7. FlexWage

Are your bills piling up, but your payday cheque has not arrived yet? Then it is time to look to apps for instant money. FlexWage is a great app for this purpose.

If your employer supports the FlexWage banking platform, you can gain access to your earned wages before payday.

FlexWage app

Furthermore, the app will allow you to do bank transfers, check balance details and transfer history straight from your phone.

Just like Dave, the best thing about using the FlexWage loans app is that you will never incur any hidden charges when you request money via the app. 

8. MoneyLion

Having a good credit score is usually vital when it comes to borrowing money through loan apps.

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However, if you are worried about having a less than stellar credit score, there is a reprieve for you.

Money Lion app

The MoneyLion loans app can get you access to a credit line even though your credit score might be wanting.

However, remember that you must have a credit score above 640 to borrow money via the app.

Additionally, a monthly membership fee of $19.99 is required for users who want to enjoy the app’s resources.  

9. CashNetUSA

CashNetUSA is another Dave-like app that gives users access to a line of credit whenever they need a loan. In addition, the app avails of payday loans quickly and conveniently.

Apart from giving you access to credit lines and allowing you to manage your line of credit, you can also link CashNetUSA to your account.

Once linked, you can use it to make withdrawals and payments as well as check your balance. 


It also lets you enjoy many other benefits the company provides, including discounts, coupons, and free financial courses to help you properly manage your finances. 


Running short of cash happens to everyone. You may find yourself out of money, but payday is still a few days away.

Since bills must be paid on time to avoid extra charges, you have to consider payday loan apps. These cash advance apps like Dave will help anyone in need of cash to get a loan quickly and at their convenience.

Go through their terms and conditions and select what works best for you.

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