Free cash advance apps that work with Chime in 2023

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It is normal to need cash before your paycheck arrives. When this happens, most people look to loan apps to settle the immediate need for a cash advance.

Therefore, it is always best for anyone with a chime account to look for specific loan apps that use Chime.

Here is a list of the best cash advance apps that work with Chime. You can easily use them whenever you are in need of money urgently.

1. Dave

With Dave, you can always get some cash whenever you need a cash advance before your pay cheque comes.

For a flat fee of $1 per month, the Dave app will enable you to access a cash advance of up to $100 via Chime.

Dave app

Even though no credit check is required, you will still need a steady income to be viable to receive the requested amount via Chime.

If you are a Dave member, getting an advance via Chime is very easy. All you need to do is click on the Dave app, search the list of banks, select Chime, and log in using your login details.

Even though the Dave advance cash app will offer you up to $100 when connected to Chime,  the app allows you to get an advance of up to $200 for a direct Dave account deposit.

However, there are a few parameters you are required to meet for to be eligible for this payday advance service.

You’ll be required to provide evidence of:

  1. Direct deposits to your Dave account
  2. A reliable, steady, and anticipated income
  3. A history of the transactions and deposits for the last two months
  4. The available balance in your bank account and the average amount you keep in your account monthly
  5. Any negative account balances you might have had on your account

Lastly, it is essential to understand that even though the Dave app works on tips, for you to be eligible for their services, you will be required to pay a standard $1 fee monthly. 

If you’ve tried Dave, but you are experiencing issues, follow these troubleshooting tips.

2. Cleo

Cleo is another cash advance app that helps you get a cash advance via Chime.

Besides providing a cash advance, Cleo enables you to save, track your spending, and budget for your daily, weekly, and monthly monetary needs.

Cleo app

With Cleo, any eligible client can get a cash advance to settle their bills before their monthly cheque arrives.

However, understand that Cleo will be connected to your bank account. Therefore, they will get the sum back when funds are deposited into your account.

Even though most of the Cleo app functions are free, the cash advance function is part of the Cleo Plus package.

The package requires all eligible users to pay $5.99 monthly to access the service.

Just like the Dave cash advance app, for you to be eligible, you must have a steady and reliable income.

You should also provide a history of your recent transactions and the amount you keep in your account every month.

Linking Chime to your Cleo account is very easy. All you need to do is log in to your Cleo account and search for Chime using the search bar.

Afterwards, key in your login details and get the much-needed cash advance you require.

3. Albert

Albert is another excellent example of a cash advance app that works with Chime.

The cash advance app will avail to all eligible users loans from $100 to a maximum of $250.

However, the cash advance will be subject to your monthly income. The best part is that these services are available for free.

Albert loan app

But if you want more services, you’ll have to subscribe to the premium version, Genius, which will cost you $3.99 a month.

The premium service not only gives you financial advice and tips from live experts but also a 1% reward on your savings. It also allows you to open a micro-savings account.

Remember that whenever you request a cash advance via the Albert app, you will be credited after three to four working days.

However, you can also choose to get the amount instantly for an extra $4.99.

Linking your Albert cash advance app to Chime is easy. Follow these steps:

  • Click on the Albert Cash advance app and navigate to the budget tab
  • Tap+ at the top of the screen
  • Search for Chime and click on it
  • Enter your Chime login credentials at the prompt screen that appears

You’ve now linked Albert to Chime.

4. Empower 

When bills are due before payday, Empower comes in handy. It is one of the best cash advance apps that work with Chime.

This pay advance app is very flexible as it offers eligible clients four tiers of cash advance.

Once you are eligible to get a loan via the Empower loan app, you can choose any amount from $25 up to $250. 

Empower app

Apart from getting your cash immediately after the loan approval, some of the best things about accessing Empower loans via Chime include;

  • No interest for any loan applied and disbursed.
  • No charges for payments made after the due date
  • Even after paying your loan late to your Empower account via Chime, your credit score will not be affected
  • You will always get a reward in the form of a 10% cashback if you pay your loan early, 

Another advantage of using the Empower loan app is that it is easy to connect it to your Chime account.

All you need to do is launch Empower, scroll down to the account section, click on the + icon at the top right corner of your screen, select Chime, and you are good to go.

Remember that to qualify for a loan; your account must be active, receive regular deposits, have a positive balance, and have been open for more than two months. 

On the other hand, if you want a cash loan that exceeds the $250 limit, you can unlock higher amounts by setting up direct deposits into a Roar MoneySM account.

You can then sign up for a Credit Builder Plus membership. Doing this will boost your cash advance amount by up to 30%.

However, understand that even after increasing your cash advance limit, you will only be able to get a loan of up to $1000.


Bills do not wait until your paycheck comes so you can settle them. You must pay them when they are due to avoid inconveniences.

Getting a pay advance will help you avoid the penalties that come with paying your bills late.

The above cash advance apps that work with Chime will help you get an instant loan when you need it.

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