How to cancel BoxyCharm subscription

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The advantage of subscribing to BoxyCharm is that you receive five full-size beauty creams every month. You will get skincare and makeup or color cosmetics and beauty tools. All the items have a value of around $120.

For the BoxyCharm to deliver them, you must subscribe for $25 each month. But you also have the option of canceling your subscription anytime. The best part is that you can cancel your BoxyCharm account without incurring any hidden fees or penalties.

Boxycharm monthly plans

You can subscribe for the monthly offer of $25 or choose three ($70), six ($138), or twelve ($275) months plans.

Regardless of your subscription, you can cancel it anytime, but the service will not refund you. Instead, you will continue to receive the boxes for which you had paid until you exhaust your pre-paid service.

Can I skip a month on BoxyCharm?

According to BoxyCharm terms and conditions, the company does not allow all active subscribers to pause or suspend their subscriptions.

An active subscriber is a person that creates an account with the service and authorizes it to charge them. The only thing one can do is to cancel their subscription.

Can you cancel BoxyCharm and keep premium?

You need BoxyCharm to have any chance of keeping or upgrading to a premium plan like BoxyLuxe.

Therefore, it is not possible to cancel BoxyCharm and keep the premium option. If you drop it, you will lose the premium plan too.

How to cancel your BoxyCharm subscription

You can cancel BoxyCharm subscription anytime, regardless of your plan. The service offers several options of canceling your subscription, including:

Cancel BoxyCharm Subscription Online

It is easy to cancel your subscription online as the process is straightforward. Follow the steps below:

  • Visit the BoxyCharm website.
  • Click on My Account.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Once logged in, select Account Preferences from the menu bar.
  • Under My Subscriptions, select the subscription you want to cancel.
  • For Base subscription, click on the Edit button.
  • Click on Cancel Anyway.
  • For Luxe or Premium subscription, click on the Cancel Subscription button.
  • Choose your reason for canceling.
  • Click Yes, Please Cancel.

You will know that the company has canceled your subscription by checking its status. The status should say “canceled” on your dashboard.

Cancel BoxyCharm Subscription via Email

You can contact BoxyCharm via email to drop your plan and stop receiving any boxes. Use the address

The subject line should be UNSUBSCRIBE.

How to cancel a BoxyCharm subscription online

You also have the option of submitting an online request for the cancellation of your subscription.

To do that, visit their contact page.

How to lodge your queries

For any BoxyCharm complaints, you can send them via an online form via the contact page. Alternatively, call the company using the number 305-705-3752. You can also visit their physical location at 880 SW 145th Ave. Pembroke Pines, Florida 33027.

Is BoxyCharm worth the money?

The advantage of BoxyCharm is that it has many plans from which you can choose. You can select a plan that meets your needs and lifestyle.

The service is worth the money because it has priced its boxes well. A customer gets beauty items that have a higher value than their monthly subscription plan.

What is the difference between BoxyLuxe and BoxyCharm premium?

BoxyCharm is the base subscription plan for all customers. By subscribing to it, you will receive five full-size beauty products at $25 per month. The average value of the items you will get is $120.

BoxyLuxe is an upgrade of BoxyCharm. For this subscription, you will get an upgraded box every March, June, September, and December. It will contain at least eight lifestyle and beauty items for $49.99. The average values for the boxes you will receive is over $250.

Wrapping up

You can cancel BoxyCharm account anytime regardless of your payment plan, and without incurring any costs. The options provided by the company include online, via email, or by submitting an online request. If you have any complaints, visit the company’s physical location or contact the Customer Service team.


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