10 best stickman fighting games in 2023

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Stickman games present gaming fans with a chance to experience an alternative gaming experience. Unlike contemporary games, players in these games get to play as stick figures.

The outline is usually a stick figure playing against similar stick figures or other 2D game characters. Stickman games are available for nearly all major game genres, especially these 10 stickman fighting games.

Stickman games are quite unique because of their distinct game physics. With the presence of many such games, it is hard to point out the best game outrightly.

The best stickman fighting games you should try out

Below is a compiled list of 10 of the best stickman fighting games.

1. Stick Fight

Stick Fight is Perhaps one of the easiest stick ninja fighting games. You take upon the role of iconic stick figures of the internet as you battle your way through obstacles.

The game is a multiplayer game only. The two multiplayer modes are local, and online multiplayer Stick Fight has over 100 highly interactive levels.

The animations are procedural and offer a realistic battle feel. The game is available for download on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac OS.

2. The Spear Stickman

The Spear Stickman is an entertaining, fast-paced archery-style game. In this game, the player’s objective is to throw the spear at enemies and to survive for as long as possible.

Opponents will appear consecutively after you kill the previous ones. Rewards are earned by gaining a high number of kills.

Spear Stickman ranks highly on free stickman ninja games which are available on Poki.

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stickman fighting game
Image: YouTube/BaronVonGames

3. Stickman Fighting 3D

Stickman Fighting 3D is another popular ninja fighting game for 2 players. You can explore story mode and watch the narrative unfold as you progress.

Training mode is where skills are refined to be battle-ready. Nearly all ninja fighting games have 1 match option. This takes you to a quick one-player battle.

The game is available for download on Android devices.

4. Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior

Shadow Warrior is a modification of Stick Fight. The graphics in this version are significantly upgraded. The gameplay is slightly different, with enemies approaching from all sides of the screen.

These changes make the levels more challenging and the rewards much greater. Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior is available on Android.

5. Stickman Sword Fighting 3D

Stickman Sword Fighting 3D is a fitting game for players looking to complete missions and objectives instead of aimlessly slaying enemies.

With various mission areas to explore, you are guaranteed an amazing experience.

Once you complete a mission, you have to escape the mission area unnoticed.  Objectives vary from collecting gold coins to destroying a number of haystacks.

The game is available on mobile phones as well as online.

6. Stickman Fighter: Mega Brawl

Stickman Fighter: Mega Brawl is made for ninja game fans who like brutal endings. Mega Brawl has multiple levels that players fight to complete.

The winning contestant has to finish off their opponent viciously. This is seen as an adaption of Mortal Kombat’s signature move moment.

This game is quite colorful and easy to play. Download its Android version from the Google Play Store.

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Stickman games

7. Stickman Ghost 2

This is arguably one of the best offline RPG games that Stickman has ever released. The game sets a battle atmosphere with enhanced graphics and well-choreographed moves.

Most of the battles take place a galaxy away. The game has a multiplayer PvP mode as well as a complete story mode. Weapons and skillsets are up for unlocking. You can download the game here.

8. Last Stickman: Battle Royale

This game serves as a great alternative to Fortnite and PUBG. Once on the battleground, your sole objective is to survive attacks at all costs. Guns and ammunition are obtainable at set locations.

The gameplay is highly intensified, with enemies firing from all corners. The game tests your shooting and dodging skills with no places to hide. It is available on Android.

9. League of Stickman

Winning the ultimate challenge is the only objective in this game. League of Stickman offers an exciting sense of battle with features like Double-Hits and Levitation.

The dark backdrops make this game stand out from all other stickman games. Leaderboards are also present to keep an eye on the competition.

League of Stickman can be played offline for both Android and iOS with a single-player intact.

10. Stickman Rope Hero 2

To finish off the list is this amazing open-world game. Stickman Rope Hero 2 lets players navigate through the map, unlocking areas and events.

The game environment is well crafted, especially the cars and buildings. This game, however, does not offer the best graphic rendering experience.

Weapons and other customizations are easily accessible and customizable. You can game download here

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Finally, it is important to note that more stickman games are released every year. Newer titles will offer more features and an overall better experience. The above 10 best stickman fighting game options are worth a quick try.

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