10 best offline audio Bible apps for Android

Tim Vickers

As the world’s oldest book, people often carry the Bible as a source of inspiration in times of great spiritual need. 

The emergence of smartphones, on the other hand, helped lighten the load of having to carry the physical book and instead contextualized it all into different Bible apps.

Since then, there has been an increase in the number of Bible apps as well as a rollout of updates for existing apps.

In case you’re wondering, the updates don’t come with new scriptures, but rather tweaks that are helpful in your daily use.

One such feature is the introduction of offline audibles for the Bible if you don’t have internet coverage.

These are the 10 best offline audio Bible apps for Android.

1. Bible Offline by Mr. Rocco

One of the best offline audio Bible apps for Android is Bible Offline. It comes with different reading plans, Bible themes, versicles, a searching system, geo-church, and events.

Bible Offline Rocco

When you’re reading, the app tracks your progress for the ultimate spiritual growth.

2. Audio Bible MP3 by Edson Deda

With an average rating of 4.6 stars on the Google Play Store, this Bible app delivers some of the best audio features.

It does its best at transcribing the NKJV Audio Bible offline with clear, precise, and smart-paced audio.

Audio Bible MP3

If you want to listen to the Bible offline, look no further than the Audio Bible MP3.

3. Audio Bible by BunOc Games

Get the best of 28 different versions of the Bible crammed up into this app.

It has the English Standard Version, King James Version, New International Version as well as the free offline audio NKJV Bible.

Audio Bible BunOc

For the audiophiles, you can now get your scriptures embedded with a background player for more accessible playback features.

You can get the audio Bible offline apk or download it from the Play Store.

4. Bible App for Kids by Life.Church

Find out why the Bible is the world’s best-selling book with this app that features a kid-friendly interface and animations.

You can also build your child’s faith through its daily Bible verses as well as its Bible Study highlights.

Bible for Kids

The selling feature of this app over the rest is its pictorials and free offline audio Bible download features.

5. YouVersion Bible by Life.Church

Android is always about customization, and this app lets you do just that. You can create shareable Bible art, develop highlights and jot down notes about the scriptures.

YouVersion Bible app

With the YouVersion Bible by Life Church’s reading devotionals, daily verses, and a trusted online community, sharing the Christian faith has never been easier.

However, if you want a personal experience, its audio transcription of the YouVersion Bible is just as excellent.

6. Audio Bible Free by Watchdis Prayers

The word of God never got more exciting on this dramatized offline listening Bible app. It comes with daily chapter reading, a reading schedule, and even a playlist for related scriptures.

Dramatized Bible

Moreover, the app lets you color highlight your favorite scriptures and make notes on your takeaway. You can download it from Google PlayStore.

7. And Bible by CrossWire Bible Society

And Bible app boasts of over 40 English Bibles and a 4.5-star review on the Google Play Store. It is free to use has a simple modern UI with a background playback option for toggling between scriptures.

And Bible

Additionally, the app makes good use of your Android smartphone’s RAM to remember on scriptures you’ve already been through.

8. Offline Bible Free by Biblias

Offline Bible Free is one of the lightest offline audio Bible NIV out there.

Despite its size, the app comes packed with features including zooming, copying, and screen rotation for complete usage of the phone’s screen real estate.

Offline Bible free

9. Dramatized Audio Bible by Watchdis Prayers

Have the word of God come to life with this Dramatized Audio Bible app that comes with its very own Easton Dictionary.

It dramatizes the King James Version of the scriptures with appropriate background music as well.

Dramatized KJV

Finally, to challenge your mind, the app also comes with daily Bible quizzes regarding familiar Bible verses.

10. Hindi Bible (Pavitra Bible) by Softcraft

Last on the list is the Hindi Bible developed explicitly for the Hindi-speaking Christians. It’s also possible that you’ll come out fluent in both English and Hindi with this app.

Moreover, the nocturnal readers can also get their faith in its night mode and screen brightness feature.

Hindi Bible

The 10 best offline audio Bible apps for Android listed above should do well in steering you on the path of righteousness.

Whether you live under a rock or traveling to some remote country, these apps should help you build a close relationship with the Almighty.

Just be sure to download the audio version of the Bible beforehand.

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