7 best Instagress alternatives to use right now

Tim Vickers

Instagress was for a time the perfect option for most Instagram users to broaden their follower base. However, the site suddenly closed down and most users had to claim a refund for their subscription.

The refund was although not the biggest concern for most users. Many businesses were adversely affected by this shutdown too. Previous users now had the task of finding other tools to market their brands on Instagram. With the shutdown came new alternatives for Instagress.

The new sites cannot be exactly compared to Instagress but they still offer helpful services.

7 best Instagress alternatives for growing your Instagram

These are the top alternatives for Instagress:

1. Follow Adder

Follow Adder is currently the best Instagram bot. It has features similar to Instagress that make it the perfect replacement.

The main difference is that for Follow Adder you first must download the app. This gives you more control in terms of settings and preferences.

Follow Adder automates your posts, gets you real followers, and incorporates hashtags to promote your page.


  • Business promotion tools
  • Free support
  • Automated page promotion
  • Easy self-management
  • Regular updates
  • Multiple profile management.


  • The prices for premium tools are high
  • Expensive to manage contests
  • cumbersome to use for multiple profiles.

2. Instazood

Instazood offers an alternative way to grow the number of followers on your account.

Unlike most bots, Instazood promises to increase the number of followers steadily rather than overnight. It automates actions such as liking, posting and sharing Instagram stories.


  • Instagram automation
  • No download required
  • Offers safety tools and tips
  • Users have full control over its features
  • Instazood is also mobile-friendly in its design.
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  • It’s not quite simple to use
  • The prices are relatively high
  • The growth and engagement features are limited by their own design policies.

3. InstaQ

InstaQ is another important Instagress replacement that offers similar results.

The app does not compromise your Instagram account in any way but still increases your followers. The service has a trial period that introduces you to some key features.


  • Minimum changes to your Instagram info
  • Offers trial version
  • Maintains the authenticity of your account.


  • Most features are limited on the trial version
  • Automates reminders to your followers which can be annoying at times

4. Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse offers social media management tools for most social media sites. Through scheduling, Agora pulse is able to keep your Instagram account lively and interactive.

Additional features such as automated inbox assistants will help in reviews and tags.


  • Can be used across different social media sites
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Affordable packages and lastly unlimited one-click reports


  • Has limited free tools
  • Overly depends on the scheduling of tasks.

5. Sprout Social

Sprout Social unlike most Instagress alternatives Sprout Social does not rely on bots but real people.

The team works round the clock analyzing your statistics and enhancing your appeal to other followers.


  • Offers a more realistic approach to things
  • Gives precise and concise ideas
  • Easy to achieve target client goals and offers reliable and friendly support.


  • Expensive to use
  • Depends on the judgment of other people
  • Research takes a while and productivity is not always at the maximum.
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6. Hootsuite

Hootsuite condenses all your social media accounts into one for ease in management.

It is easily accessible which in turn saves a lot of time. It also employs a live task force.


  • Provides real-time analytics as opposed to scheduled updates
  • Keeps all track of your mentions and views for the purpose of security.


  • The charges can be high at times
  • Slow in followers increase as compared to bots-based apps
  • It does not pinpoint inauthentic accounts.

7. Following Like

Following Like specializes in multiple sites optimization. It performs all basic actions like following, commenting, and liking posts.

The Instagram functionalities are well lad out. The site also utilizes hashtags to keep your account updated.


  • Categorizes your account according to your niche
  • Works on multiple pages
  • Uses a team of social media experts
  • Extra services such as engaging with the account user
  • Eliminates automation and predictability of actions.


  • Only offers an annual plan which is expensive
  • Doesn’t have a depth of features, which limits your own operations.
  • The results only appear gradually.

The mentioned apps and websites will kick in as good alternatives for Instagress. While some offer exactly the same features you would find on Instagress, others go a step further by offering more and better features.

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