10 best caller ID apps for Android in 2023

Tim Vickers

It is possible to identify all incoming calls before you can answer them. The best way of doing it is to use caller ID. Caller ID gives you total control of incoming calls. It tells you who is calling you and screens all calls.

That can allow you only to answer the most essential or known calls to you. Nowadays, many apps reliably track calls on your behalf. 

By using the best caller ID app for Android, you will see who is calling you and decide whether to receive the call or not.

The Caller ID apps offer a service that displays the caller ID information. Some apps will screen the name, number, date, and time of a call.

Once you install a free caller ID app for Android and give it the necessary permissions, you will track calls, know who is calling, and screen calls.

Also, you will have a directory of the most recent callers. But what app should you use?

These are the best caller ID apps to identify unknown numbers.

1. CallApp

CallApp is a caller ID, blocker, and recorder application. It is a free app used for blocking spam calls and helping you to identify the caller ID. You can use it to identify unknown calls and SMS using the app’s dialer and spam blocker feature.

Call App ID

CallApp has many features. It has a block caller ID feature that identifies who is calling. You can use it to personalize video ringtones, record phone calls automatically, and block spam calls.

Furthermore, it has a reverse phone lookup feature that identifies unknown numbers and calls. People use it to blacklist numbers and manage their address books.

2. CIA

CIA is a caller identification app and call blocker application. It will help you to identify unknown calls or numbers. You will use it to block annoying and unwanted calls.

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The app will warn you about all spam calls based on millions of reported numbers worldwide. Once you install the app, you will know whether the caller is using a personal or business number.


CIA has many features to admire. It has a slide, tap, and swipe feature for minimizing or dismissing calls.

A smart call action feature is available for muting, blocking, or rejecting calls with predefined text messages or call-back reminders. Call blocker and spam warnings are also other useful features in the app.

3. Drupe

Drupe is an excellent incognito caller ID app for Android. You can use it to see the caller ID, block spammers, and get spam indications.

The app brings together your contacts so that you can access them from one place and monitor every incoming call.


With Drupe, you can dial or text anybody in your contact list, record calls, swipe contacts, and block unknown numbers. It also has many useful features that make communication easy.

You can organize your address book, track your most recent logs, set reminders, and manage all missed calls.

4. Eyecon

Eyecon is one of the best caller ID apps that enables you to identify incoming calls and see the names and photos of unknown callers.

It is the best photo caller ID app for Android for automatically recording calls and syncing with Facebook to add photos to your phone contacts, dialer, and address book.


Once you install it, the app will link calling apps on your phone and messaging to allow you to connect fast.

Eyecon boasts excellent visuals and safety. Its recording feature will record phone calls immediately after you receive them. You can also personalize it and add contacts of people who are not in your phonebook.

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5. Hiya

Hiya is a phone number lookup and spam call blocker app for Android. It is a reliable application that protects you from spoofing and spam calls. Its integrated caller ID feature is the best for identifying unknown incoming calls.


When using it, you will receive free spam call alerts and block spam calls automatically. You will get a real-time context of who is calling and managing your contacts. That includes adding names and addresses to your phonebook.

6. Mr Number

Mr Number is an app that allows you to block unwanted phone calls and identify fraud, scams, and spam calls.

You can use it to block unknown callers and put names on all numbers. It will intercept private numbers and send them to voicemail.

mr number

That means you do not even need to receive them. The app also allows you to report spam calls so that you can warn other users.

7. Truecaller

Truecaller is the world’s leading name ID app for Android. With over 500 million installs, people trust it for their communication needs.

The app is the best for identifying unknown callers and blocking both spam calls and SMS.


It will help you to filter out unwanted calls and allow you to connect with only the most important people. Its features include smart messaging, a powerful dialer, and call recording.

You can use it to back up your call history, messages, settings, and contacts to Google Drive.

8. Showcaller

Showcaller is an app that helps users to identify the actual caller ID name and region. It will detect all unknown incoming calls, telemarketing calls, and robocalls.


With this app, you can avoid receiving spam calls and block unknown numbers. Also, you can record calls and add essential contacts to your phonebook.

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9. Sync.ME

Sync.ME is a caller ID app and a useful spam blocker. It will show you the identity of the caller and sync contact photos with their own social network profile pictures.


The app can block robocalls and identify spammers. You can use it for reverse phone lookup and sync contacts. Furthermore, it is useful for recording calls and identifying spam messages.

10. Whoscall

Although Whoscall is free, it is also the best-paid caller ID app on Android. It is an app that identifies all incoming calls and SMS.

The application can block malicious spam calls and SMS. You can use it to manage your messages and calls.

Whos call

Whoscall enables you to search and confirm unknown numbers before dialling them out. With this app, you can chat with friends and family through its conversation page.

Furthermore, you can block annoying messages and identify callers without internet access.

If you want to identify all incoming calls, the best thing is to install one of the best caller ID apps on your phone. You can also install a talking caller ID app for Android to help you play a caller’s name from your contacts.

But ensure that the app has more features like allowing you to block, report, and record unknown or annoying calls and SMS.

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