Why does AOL show no password provided? The real fix

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AOL is an excellent email app on iPhone, which you can use to send and receive emails easily. However, some users have complained of issues retrieving or sending their emails on the app.

One of the significant issues is the error message “No password provided. Please go to mail account settings and enter a password.”

The AOL password error is usually caused by the failure to use an app-specific password to sign in to the AOL app.

However, it can also occur due to several other issues, such as when you have changed your password. 

We have compiled a list of the most common reasons why the error occurs and possible solutions.

What causes the AOL password error on an iPhone?

These are some of the reasons why AOL keeps asking for your password:

  • You have activated the two-step authentication on your AOL account
  • If you forgot to generate and use an app-specific password for your AOL app on your iPhone
  • If you entered the wrong password or have changed your AOL account password recently
  • Glitches with your mail app
  • Update issues with your mail app or iPhone iOS software

How to fix AOL password error on iPhone?

If AOL keeps giving you the “no password provided error,” fix the issue this way:

1. Re-enter your mail account password

Your iPhone might prompt you to enter your AOL password if you have recently changed your account log-in details.

You might also be asked for your mail password after resetting your phone, and network settings.

AOL login page

Therefore, fixing the “no password provided” error can be as simple as entering your password. To do this:

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone and launch the Mail app
  • Select accounts
  • Choose your AOL account, and tap on the “Re-enter password.”
  • Type in your AOL email and password.

Re-entering your password will fix the error if you deal with a minor issue such as a password change or settings reset. However, if it persists, you can try the solutions below.

2. Generate an app-specific password and enter it on your iPhone

If iPhone keeps displaying the “no password error” even after entering the password, you can try generating an app-specific password.

The app-specific password is required for the AOL app (and apps on other devices) if you have activated two-factor authentication on your AOL account.

To generate an app-specific password for your AOL app:

  • Go to your computer (or even iPhone) and launch your browser.
  • Go to aol.com and sign in to your account.
  • Go to the Menu settings (located on the top left side) and select Account Security.
  • Select “Generate app password.”
  • Create a name for your password, for example, “AOL iPhone password.”
  • Copy the generated password or write it down and sign out of your AOL account.
  • Then, go to Settings on your iPhone and launch the Mail app.
  • Select your AOL account and tap on “Re-enter password.”
  • Enter the generated password above.

NOTE: When entering the password, you should use the right cases. Also, you should enter the password without any spaces between the letters, even if the generated password has some spaces.

Lastly, you can only use the password with the AOL account on your iPhone. If using AOL on another device, you will need to generate a new app-specific password.

3. Restart your iPhone

If AOL asks for your password even after entering the app-specific password, you could be dealing with a glitch with the mail app or your iPhone. Fortunately, you can sometimes fix the issue by rebooting your phone.

Rebooting your phone can help eliminate temporary glitches and bugs on your apps, including the Mail app.

To reboot, press and hold the power button, the slider the power-off button that appears on the screen. Once the phone powers off, wait 30 seconds to one minute, then turn on your iPhone.

Once you have turned on your iPhone, go to the Mail app and try accessing your AOL account.

4. Update your Mail app and iPhone

Another reason you might get the “no password error” is if your Mail app and iPhone iOS software are not up to date. You can fix the issue by downloading and installing the latest updates.

App Store logo

Go to the Apple App Store for your Mail app and check that you have the latest update. You should also download and install the newest version of the AOL app.

To update your iPhone, go to Software Update settings on your iPhone. Your phone will check whether there is an available update and prompt you to download it.

NOTE: You must be connected to a Wi-Fi network to download the update.

Once you have updated your mail app and iPhone, restart the phone, go back to the mail app and try accessing your AOL account.

5. Remove and re-add your AOL account

Are you still having issues with your AOL account on your iPhone? Your account may have a problem causing it not to work, for example, corrupted or wrong settings. In this case, the best solution is to remove the account and re-add it.

To remove your AOL account:

  • Go to Settings > Mail > Account and choose your AOL account
  • Select “Delete Account” to remove it from your iPhone
  • Restart your iPhone, then launch the Mail account again
  • Go to “Add Account” under the accounts section and select the AOL option
  • Enter your account username and password, then configure the incoming and outgoing mail servers to finish adding the account.


Do you have an issue where your iPhone will not recognize your AOL password? The “no password provided error” can be pretty frustrating when trying to send or download your emails.

However, the solutions above can help you fix the issue. However, if the problem persists, you can try accessing your AOL app through your phone or computer browser or contact Apple Support for additional troubleshooting.

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