What is Mobile Services Manager on an Android phone?

Lillie Spikes

Android devices come with many pre-installed features, which most users are completely unaware of. One of these features is the Mobile Services Manager.

This feature carries out functions such as installing and updating apps, accessing private information, controlling settings, and many other things that users do not know are being done in the background.

Due to its features and functions, Mobile Services Manager takes up device storage space. It also has the potential to slow down your device, affect its performance, and drain your device’s power.

To make matters worse, you remain completely unaware of this feature’s presence on your device until you check your Google activity logs, which not many people will think about doing because it seems like an unnecessary step.

Despite taking up space, Mobile Services Manager comes with some advantages.

Because of this feature, when you turn on your brand-new Android device, you already have apps like Google Play Store and YouTube installed.

With all this said, there are still some common questions about this program, like what is Mobile Services Manager for? Should I uninstall Mobile Services Manager? Is Mobile Services Manager harmful?

What does the Mobile Services Manager do?

Essentially, this program collects user information and user activity on an Android smartphone. This includes the games you play, locations you visit, news you follow, application updates, and more.

You are probably wondering why all this information is needed. The simple answer is marketing.

This information is used to categorize users to curate advertisements and other content that is personal to you.

All without your knowledge or consent, in the background while you use your phone.

Should I uninstall the Android Services Manager app?

It is not recommended that you uninstall apps that are crucial to your Android smartphone’s functioning. However, some users have uninstalled Android Services Manager to fix issues such as:

Cellular data gets exhausted fast 

The app uses data to download and upload information constantly. This means that your data may get exhausted quicker than usual.

The immediate recommendation for other apps is to set them only to download when on WiFi. However, this method doesn’t work for Android Services Manager, which runs whether you are using WiFi or cellular data.

Low memory

Since Android Services Manager consumes memory on your smartphone, removing it saves some space.

In addition, it is constantly downloading and installing apps and programs in the background, which come with their cache and sometimes bugs, eating up even more of your space.

A battery that drains fast

As long as the app runs, even in the background, it requires power, especially for functions like updating and installing, which may consume more power.

Your phone is slow

For the Android Services Manager to carry out its activities, it must consume some of the device’s RAM. So if a lot of your RAM and storage is used up, your device will automatically start to perform slower.

Now that you know how the Android Services Manager affects your device, you might be thinking of getting rid of it. If this is you, keep reading to find out how you can do this.

How do I disable the Android Services Manager app?

I should point out that because this is a pre-installed app, disabling it might cause some minor issues to some devices.

If you are, however, still sure that you want to do away with it, follow these steps:

  • Launch Settings.
  • Go to Apps.
  • Select Sell All Apps.
  • Search or scroll down to locate Mobile Services Manager.
  • You will see two options, Uninstall or Force Stop. In other devices, Force Stop is replaced with Disable. Select the one you want, confirm and give it a few seconds to complete the process.
Uninstall Force Stop Apps
Uninstall or Force Stop Apps on Android. Image: AppDrum

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