Trello is not working? How to troubleshoot

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Trello is an ideal platform for collaborations, tracking projects, and managing big teams in workplaces.

Besides its impressive features, the subsidiary of Atlassian has added some outstanding features for a better user experience. Unfortunately, the productivity application may not work seamlessly for some reason.

So, what do you do if Trello is not working? Since the platform may fail to work due to many factors, there are tens of troubleshooting guides.

For example, clearing the browser’s cache helps in solving the problem. If you are using a browser that is not Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Edge, log out and use the four recommended browsers.

If you are using Trello on your phone or tablet, log out and wait for some minutes. Alternatively, you can uninstall the app or upgrade. These two troubleshooting options work perfectly on iOS and Android.

Trello troubleshooting guide – the complete guide

Trello may not work in two ways. It may fail to launch on your phone or PC.

In other cases, some features such as notifications or the search functionality may be faulty. Regardless of the issue, there are ways to solve the problems.

1. Check your connection

One of the most probable reasons why Trello notifications aren’t not working on your browser is a poor connection. Unfortunately, it may be hard to detect weak Internet since the platform allows you to check through the loaded cards even without an Internet connection.

To check the strength of your connection:

  • Open a separate tab on your browser
  • Type
  • If your connection is weaker, contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

If the problem was a slow connection, it will resolve itself once your internet is restored. However, if you could not connect to Trello after ISP refreshing the connection, the problem is probably in your browser.

2. Clear the browser cache

If Trello is offline, even with a stable connection, you should clear the browser cache. Even though cache files help to launch the app faster, they are the leading cause of bugs.  Deleting the cache files is different depending on where you have installed the app.

If Trello won’t work on Chrome:

  • Open the browser
  • On the top right, click the three dots icon.
  • Click the History option.
  • Go to “Clear browsing data.”
  • Click the “Advance” option.
  • Scroll down to cached images and files
  • You can select any other files.
  • Select “Clear Data” to delete the files
  • Close the browser

The same process is effective if Trello won’t work on Firefox. To delete the cache files on Firefox:

  • Go to the Menu option
  • Select Privacy & Security
  • Click Cookies and Site Data
  • Clear the data
  • Close the Firefox browser

Follow the same processes if you are on Safari and Edge. However, Trello does not work in other browsers.

3. Update your app (if you are on a phone or iPad)

Trello Boards
Image: Trello

If Trello or Butler won’t work on your iPadOS, iOS, or Android, there is a huge probability you are using an old app. Since the platform adds new features consistently, it is advisable to update your app once it has new updates. To update the Trello app on Android:

  • Launch the Google Play Store app
  • Go to Manage apps & devices
  • Scroll down to the Trello app
  • Tap update

For iPadOS and iOS, update the app by:

  • Launch the App Store on your iPad
  • Select the Apple ID profile (on the top-right corner)
  • Go to the Pending Updates section
  • Select Trello and update the app

Once you have updated the app, close it and restart the device. You can now use Trello. However, if some features such as Trello search are still slow or not working, you have many active cards.

4. Size down the active cards

Trello has one of the best capacities in accommodating large cards, even with many attachments. However, if the cards are over 1000, Trello may not function optimally.

There are three ways to size down the active cards.

 1. Create deadlines (if you use Trello for projects)

Having clear deadlines for projects is the best way to avoid many inactive cards and lists. Trello has one of the best timing features. Once the team members know the due dates, it is easy to avoid inactive lists and cards.

2. Archive unused and old lists and cards

You can easily archive cards and lists on Trello to save space. Although the platform does not have a direct delete option, archiving them helps minimize Trello’s size.

The lighter the cards and lists, the faster Trello launches without glitches.

3. Minimize card attachments

Even though Trello does not limit how many files you can attach to each card, many cards may affect the launching time. If possible only stick to a maximum of three files per card.

Also, you should avoid attaching big files on Trello. If the file is essential for your project, you can attach a link instead of the heavy file.

5. Try another browser

If the above troubleshooting guides did not help, try another browser. Even though Trello runs smoothly in all four browsers, some alternatives work better than others.

For example, if Firefox is your default browser and you have issues launching Trello, try it in new Edge or Chrome. The case applies to other browsers.

However, if the new browser still has problems, Trello’s servers are probably the main cause. Contact the company.

6. Talk to a Trello representative

Trello offers support to users experiencing challenges they cannot troubleshoot by themselves. If you have tried all the options above, the support team will offer a solution. However, you can only email them as opposed to voice calls.

Since the support team may take a day or two to respond, you can check on Twitter whether other Trello users have similar problems. Search the keyword ‘Trello’ on Twitter’s search bar.


Even with impressive features, Trello may stop working unexpectedly. If that happens, the above steps are ideal in restoring normalcy.

Besides solving common bugs, the guide should be part of your everyday practice. For example, clearing the cache and updating the mobile app help the platform run smoothly.

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