List of Toyota Forklift error codes & troubleshooting tips

Toyota forklift error codes indicate a problem with the forklift. These codes include numbers, letters, blinking lights, or an unsteady display.

You will see a code on the instrument panel when an error occurs. You will also see an orange-coloured key light turning on or the key indicator flashing and brightening.

Once that happens, it means there has been a mechanical. I had previously explained how to clear error codes on your forklift. However, if an error keeps reappearing, you’ve got to address the root cause.

Here is a list of the most common Toyota forklift error codes and how to fix them.

1. Error code EC-1

Error code EC-1 is one of the most common error codes on a Toyota forklift. You will find it mostly on the Toyota 8FGU15.

Error code EC-1 is a failure mode error. It indicates an abnormality with the load short or unload solenoid open circuit.

In most cases, four things usually cause this error, including a defect on the connector contact, a harness defect, an unload solenoid defect, or a SAS/OPS ECU defect.

You can fix this error as follows:

  • Disconnect the battery’s negative terminal.
  • Inspect and correct the disconnection and water entry of A12 and A20. Then, reconnect all connectors and the battery negative terminal.
  • Start the engine by turning the ignition key switch ON. Once done, check for any other errors.

When starting the engine, move the life lever upward for at least two seconds to see if the error reoccurs.

2. Error codes F1-1 and F2-1

Error codes F1-1 and F2-1 usually indicate an OPS/SAS data reception fault. The error occurs when the drive control function is partially limited.

You will also notice the error when a connecting problem exists between the controller and the display.

The display on the forklift becomes unsteady, resulting in these errors. You can clear it by disconnecting the battery. Your forklift will restart the electronic control unit and remove the code display.

3. Error code F4-1-8

Among the many Toyota forklift error codes, error code F4-1-8 signifies a CPU error. The error causes the display on the forklift to become unstable.

You can fix this error as follows:

  • Disconnect the battery terminals by opening the forklift’s circuit board, which you will find under the seat.
  • Wait for about 30 seconds, then reattach the clamps.
  • Shut the tray.
  • Press the ignition key and restart the ECU.

The steps above should clear the error.

It is also worth mentioning that several things can cause a CPU error in a Toyota forklift, including bad transistors, bad DCSB board, bad CPU board, CPU abnormality, and multi-function board malfunction.

4. Error codes 05-01, 05-02, 05-03, 05-04, and 05-05

Error codes 05-01, 05-02, 05-03, 05-04, and 05-05 on a Toyota forklift indicate an issue with the throttle position sensor. These errors limit the engine power output of a forklift.

When the engine power output is limited, it leads to slower movement or material handling speeds. Try the following to fix the problem:

  • Check the fuses for the ECU.
  • Check the wiring behind the electronic throttle control pedal to prevent damage.
  • Use a multimeter to calibrate the throttle position sensor. It will help ensure that the TPS voltage is correct.

Also, adjust, test or replace the TPS if necessary.

5. Error code F7

Error code F7 on Toyota forklifts occurs when a charging start fails. You will see the error when the transformer’s N1 or P1 cables are disconnected.

The disconnection happens because the unit must measure the no-load voltage of the transformer. Therefore, you can correct this by doing several things:

  • Check that the P1 and N1 terminals of the transformer and controller are connected correctly and are not loose.
  • Ensure the AC and DC plugs are free from contact defects.
  • Inspect the power cable and ensure it is not damaged.

The error can also occur if the transformer has a defect. In that case, consider replacing it.

6. Error code F8

Error code F8 indicates a charging completion failure on a Toyota forklift. The problem could be a magnetic switch defect or a display defect.

Check the magnetic switch voltage and ensure you get readings of between 200 and 220 volts. You can also check the voltage on the power supply and power plug terminal.

7. Error code E AD 1

Error code E AD 1 is among the Toyota 8 series forklift error codes. The error usually refers to an ECU error.

When it occurs, the forklift fails to start. Many things can cause this problem, including faulty connectors and sensors.

Therefore, you must first check the connectors and sensors for any damage or loose connections, especially between the ECU and the cam sensor. Also, reset the ECU by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery’s negative terminal.

You may have to change the control card to see if the error disappears. The ECU may also have water damage, meaning you must order a new one.

8. Error code F6-1

Error code F6-1 is usually a Toyota electric forklift error code. The error indicates a safety timer is activated.

Error code F6-1 may occur because of a defect in the AC power supply or power failure, a defect in the power cable, or a display effect.

You can fix this by checking the power supply voltage. The voltage should be between 200 and 220 volts. If it is 0, then the AC power supply has a defect.

Another option is to check whether the power cable supplies enough power to the unit. Also, the error will occur if the AC power plug is disconnected, the charging buttons are off, and the fuse is removed.

9. Error code F6-2

Error code F6-2 occurs on Toyota electric forklifts. When you see the error, it indicates that your forklift is overheated.

The overheat detection occurs when the battery capacity is 476 AH or above. You can diagnose this problem as follows:

  • Check the individual transformer for any defects.
  • Check the tap changer voltage for any tap adjustment defect.
  • Check for fan operation defects or whether you have disconnected the fan.

If you have a transformer defect, there may be another issue causing the overheating. However, consider replacing the transformer.

Also, if you start charging the forklift and notice the error still displaying, you could have a problem with the thermometal cut-out operating voltage issue. In that case, check the harness to ensure it is tightly secured.

10. Error codes 18-1 and 18-2

Error codes 18-1 and 18-2 are among Toyota 7 series forklift error codes. These errors are mostly related to the engine speed sensor.

Error code 18-1 indicates an engine speed sensor abnormality, while error code 18-2 suggests an engine speed sensor GND short abnormality. Also, both errors suggest a cam angle sensor open abnormality, but the error 18-2 will be on power up.

When error code 18-1 occurs, the engine will stop. And when error code 18-2 occurs, the engine will not start. In both cases, the drive control function will be partially limited.

You can troubleshoot these errors in different ways:

  • Check the engine speed sensor. Inspect it for any damage or loose connections.
  • Check the wiring for any damage or loose connections. Ensure the wiring is properly grounded.
  • Check the battery voltage and connections. A dead or weak battery can cause electrical issues in the forklift.
  • Inspect the ignition system, including the ignition coil, distribution cap, and spark plugs.

Note that if there is no spark from the coil, it could suggest a fault in the ignition system.

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