What is an Instagram follow train?

Lillie Spikes

Instagram has over one billion users. For this reason, many brands use the platform to grow their businesses, and individuals use it to increase their social presence.

While you cannot improve your presence on Instagram if you do not have enough followers, getting them is not as easy as before. One solution that may work for you is the Instagram follow train.  

An Instagram train is a group of users that follow each other on the platform. The users share their account names or handles and follow each other.

With this strategy, a group of people with the same goal gather together in communities, threads, or hashtags to convince one or two people to follow them, and in return, they will follow back.

An advantage of the strategy is that it works most of the time. It is one of the fastest ways of growing your brand or image on Instagram.

How does an Instagram follow-train work?

The concept of an Instagram follow train is straightforward.

What you have to do is to share your social media handle. Then, you must follow other users interested in you or your account.

Once done, offer a brief description of what your account is all about or what you offer. If the person you have followed understands your content, they will follow back.


It also pays to send the person a direct message to will inform them that you are on a follow train, and they should reciprocate by following you back.

Are follow trains allowed on Instagram?

Follow trains are not illegal on Instagram. Besides, people use different strategies to create them on the platform. For example, the easiest way of identifying a follow train is to search for the hashtag #followtrain.

But you can also find a train on social media using another platform like Reddit, which usually has a Follow Friday on the Instagram community. It allows you to share your username and find new people to follow in hopes they will follow you.

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Are follow trains bad?

Follow trains are the best and quickest avenues for growing your social media presence. They have several advantages, including:

  • They offer the fastest way of increasing your Instagram followers.
  • They allow you to follow new people who have the same interests as yours.
  • Allow you to access new content.
  • You can increase your engagement rate when you have many followers.
  • You can boost your Instagram profile with many followers.
  • The Instagram follow train enables you to reach a target audience easily and quickly.

Are Instagram follow chains the same as Instagram follow loops?

Instagram follow chains are not the same as follow loops, although the idea for both is to increase your followers.

An Instagram follow loop is whereby you host a group of individuals (such as influencers), pay a fee or discuss with them to share a giveaway and instruct their followers to follow your account to win the giveaway.

The goal is to let the leader redirect their users to your account and follow you. It is a strategy that works all the time.


An Instagram follow train is a group of users that follow each other. In this concept, you look for a group with similar interests.

Then, you follow them and send them a message requesting them to follow you back. The strategy works most of the time and is the best for increasing your followers on Instagram.

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