Hearthstone battlegrounds guide; strategy, rules, tips, and tricks

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Hearthstone Battlegrounds is a strategy game with a massive following online. The game is quite complex because of its dynamic setup.

Players are regularly handed challenges that require different techniques to beat. With the right tips up your sleeves, you should be able to triumph at the Hearthstone battle.

This Hearthstone Battlegrounds guide covers everything you need to know including rules and tricks.


In this game, up to eight players get to battle it out one-on-one. The main resource is gold and you’ll earn it when you win a battle.

Players start by selecting their heroes who serve as their avatars. The heroes have different powers are and available from the ones with the least health to the highest.

The game has a recruiting phase where players buy their avatars. The final phase is the battle stage.

1. Recruit phase

Battlegrounds like most board games consist of a series of rounds for each payer. This phase allows players to build their armory.

Here, any minion regardless of their tier will only cost three gold to buy. This has to be done within a set time limit.

Once the time limit elapses all the minions are purchased from your initial hand.

2. Combat phase

In this phase, you will be randomly assigned a combat opponent from the other seven opponents. Their avatar will be highlighted on the right side of your screen.

The combat will begin under the following guidelines:

1. All abilities will be triggered
2. The battle starts with the minions on the left side of the board attacking one at a time.
3. The attack and defense happen simultaneously
4. The sequence will begin again with whoever wins moving on.
5. Players eliminate each other until one winner is left
6. Different cards can be used to invoke change to the game. For instance, a substitution card can replace a minion with lower health with one with a full health bar.

Tips and tricks

Heathstone battlefields game
Image: playhearthstone

Here are a few tips to earn you Hearthstone Battlegrounds rewards:

1. Freeze the board

This means preventing the tavern from refreshing in order to keep all minions available for purchase on your next recruit phase.

Without refreshing the tavern, you risk missing out on a minion of higher value. Only do this when a higher value minion is on offer.

2. Regularly upgrade your tavern

Try to always upgrade your tavern as soon as possible. A common rule in the Hearthstone Battlegrounds guide is to upgrade quickly and timely.

Doing this will ensure upgrades get cheaper each turn and easier to pick up specific minions at a lower tier.

3. Combine minions

Combining about three of the same minions ensures not only you get a stronger minion but also discover one from your next tavern tier.

4. Minion positioning

This is a skill that is quite essential in the game. A good mastery of this skill helps you win unfavorable battles. Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list will always guide how the odds are lined up.

Important things to note here include, attack late as possible with minions that benefit from other minions being killed.

Examples are mama bears and scavenging hyenas. Always anticipate divine shields and prepare for them. Position your weak minions to always attack divine shields first.

5. Use hero powers only when necessary

Try and use hero powers that affect the board permanently early on in the game. One-time minions should be reserved for the closing stages.

6. Look to counter

Finally, always prepare a concrete counter plan for your opponents. To achieve this, keep track of what minions they are using and save your minions that would effectively counter theirs.

This game is an all-around interesting game yet still most players find it difficult to crack. The above Hearthstone Battlegrounds guide should help shed light on how to improve your play.

Remember that the tips and strategies cannot all be applied in one game. Try out each strategy in a single and measure the impact on your results.

It is also important to start playing with players with similar skill sets to you. This will assist you in the quest to get better. Expert players are good to learn from but will most likely eliminate you from the game early on. Go ahead and download the game for free on your PC.

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