How to get bounty points in Prodigy Math

Tim Vickers

Prodigy Math is a game that integrates fun with the actual math curriculum for children in grades 1-7. The game aims to spark children’s interest in math while away from their learning centers.

It also provides teachers with the ability to give all students, despite their background, curriculum content for free, not to mention it is wrapped in fun. The game utilizes the reward system, where a member is rewarded with a bounty upon completing a task.

What are bounty points in Prodigy?

A bounty in Prodigy Math is a game package that rewards the participants who participate in a bounty hunt.

To start the hunt, a player visits the “Town Square” in Lamplight Town to find ‘Boardy’. Clicking on the board will initiate the monster bounty hunt.

To get bounty points in Prodigy:

Click on the board

This will reveal the three available bounties for the day. Once you have clicked on the board, you will receive bounty notes with different levels.

Choose a bounty note and click on it

Registered members can choose any bounty note, unlike non-members, who are limited to one bounty note.

The bounty board will provide the description of the task and provide an image of the monster you will hunt down to earn bounty points in Prodigy.

If you defeat the monster, you complete a bounty. If unsuccessful on the first attempt, you can start over as many times as you need to complete the hunt.

Upon completing a hunt, you will return to ‘Boardy’ to claim your points. You can use the bounty points to unlock rewards in the bounty shop.

How to check total bounty points

Here is the process to follow if you want to check how many points you have in Prodigy:

  • Go back to “Lamplight Town”
  • Click on ‘Boardy’ to reveal the total points accumulated

It will also show you what you can unlock with your points. Some powerful rewards you can unlock include the “power Orb” and the “Clawed Staff”.

Prodigy Math hacks – how to get unlimited bounty points

One of the biggest Prodigy bounty points hacks can help you get unlimited money in Prodigy.

Here is how:

  • Open Settings on your iOS device
  • Click on “Date and Time”
  • Change the current date to the next day and save the changes
  • Go back to the game and keep playing for more rewards

You can repeat the process for as long as you would like and open up more bounty hunts other than the three-per-day already set. You can also win several wands and unlimited money here.

There is another Prodigy hack that can help you get items and rewards that are open to members only.

Here is how it works:

  • Log in to your teacher/parent account
  • On the right corner, click on “Share Account”
  • Copy the URL and paste it into your browser
  • Open the new account and select the user as ‘Teacher’
  • Put in new credentials to open it

This account can help you enjoy the game and provide an avenue for you to get free bounty points in Prodigy.

Prodigy Math is a game that can help you to interact with math concepts in a fun way. Winning as many bounty hunts as possible allows you to gain more bounty points and numerous rewards from the bounty shop.

These classic hacks will help you make your game interesting while learning because Prodigy Math can fulfil both ends.


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