GamePigeon Word Hunt: How to play, cheats, tips, tricks

Tim Vickers

GamePigeon Word Hunt is a popular trivia game and is often regarded as the most challenging mini-game on GamePigeon.

iMessage word hunt offers a good way to compete with your friends as well as develop your knowledge of words.

It’s a game that is enjoyed by both adults and children. Most parents will recommend word hunt as one of the ideal games for their kids to play.

The rules of this game are simple and it is up to the play to navigate through all the challenges.

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With good mastery of the game, you can be able to beat all your opponents with ease.

Here are Word hunt iMessage tips to use when playing.

Gameplay and rules

Word Hunt on iMessage

The first step in winning the game is to understand all the rules of the game. Word Hunt has a few rules which apply in nearly all word games you have played.

The basic rules are listed below.

  1. To win a player has to be able to form words on the grid given.
  2. You then have to drag your finger across the board to show the outline of the word.
  3. Words can be formed in any direction but they have to be on a straight line with each letter being adjacent to the following letter in the way the word is spelt.
  4. The player who wins is one who will be able to form as many words as possible on the time limit given.
  5. Each word formed will have a certain number of points. Longer words will gain more points compared to shorter ones.
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Tips and tricks

Word Hunt cheats are hard to come by. However, there are ways in which we can increase our score rating. This Word Hunt solver guide will give you special tips to enable you have an upper hand.

1. Understand the game arrangement

Your initial step should be to check whether it is a Word hunt solver 4×4 or Wordhunt solver 5×5 grid that the words are laid on.

This will guide you on how to win Word Hunt on iMessage.

2. Make likely guesses

Highest score on Word Hunt?
Image: Reddit/taylorv1026

Since the game is timed you need to act as fast as possible. Take a limited amount of time thinking about 33ords and start forming them as soon as you have a clue.

In case they are incorrect move to the next option quickly.

3. Take a look at the grid before starting

Once you start the timer take a look at the whole board before forming words. A quick general glance will give you an overview of what you are dealing with.

Possible words combination might be sighted just at the first glance.

There are no outstanding Word Hunt cheats. Instead, you have to toil with the above tips to make your way to the win. This toughness makes this game enjoyable to play.

Once you get used to following the above tips you will find yourself defeating nearly all players that decide to battle you.

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