Fix Chrome error: apps extensions cannot be added from this website

Tim Vickers

Chrome is one of the most stable and secure browsers on the market today. The browser has many features which make it user-friendly and secure to use.

Although to achieve its high status, the browser’s developers have had to develop and implement many features that affect users differently.

One constant area under development is the ability to install extensions. Apps extensions and user scripts are used to automate regularly performed tasks by the user.

The extensions still have their own share of shortcomings. One common error message is apps extensions cannot be added from this site. Below are ways to go about this error.

Method #1: Check safety first

The main cause for the pop-up that apps extensions cannot be added from this website is because the source has been flagged as malicious or untrustworthy.

This restriction is usually used to warn users of potentially harmful programs that may be associated with certain add-ons.

Not all programs that get the flagging are dangerous. You will, therefore, be required to validate your intent to allow the content to be added.

Only install extensions from websites you know and trust.

Method #2: Update your browser

The error message for the browser blocking certain websites is available on specific versions of the browser.

Many recent updates have better scripts that help sieve out malicious apps without having to deny the user interaction.

The developers have used surveys and reports to monitor harmful programs and create a warning list.

Update your browser to the latest version in order to receive the new security features that protect you from dangerous apps.

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Method #3: Remove previous versions of the app

There are instances when log files from a previous faulty app affect your new downloads. This is particularly common with apps that require a key or a purchased license.

When the IDM extension for chrome is not working, it is usually a result of a previously existing app version.

Ensure you remove the app, clear the cache and restart the device before installing a newer version. Integration from IDM is, however easy as chrome has listed it as a safe application.

Method #4: Utilize the Chrome Webstore

Another reason for apps failing to install is that they were installed from unknown sources. Chrome continues to restrict the range of sources from which users can install software from.

You are always encouraged to pick an option that is available on the Chrome Web Store as it is likely to be safe.

The browser blocks some toolbar installations, mainly used to attack unsuspecting users.

There is a workaround for users who still need to install blocked apps. You have to download the extension to your local system first.

Open the extensions page on your browser and drag and drop the downloaded extension file to the page.

An install option will pop up with a standard installation dialogue with the requests from the application.

This method should be used only when the specific extension is needed and also trusted.

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