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3 ways to clean up Chrome on Android

When you use a browser like Chrome, information about websites you visit, downloads you make off the browser, and other things get saved in the browser’s cookies and cache. So if your Android phone’s Google Chrome browser has started to become slow, it has most likely collected and stored too much browsing data. Clearing your browser can lead to a faster and more seamless browsing experience. This is especially true if you notice that your browser is not loading as ...

Google Chrome

Google Chrome keeps logging me out! Here’s the fix

Google Chrome is a widely used browser regarded for its speed and user-friendly features. It is found on many platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Android, and Apple devices. When a user signs into multiple sites using the browser, it allows the user to remain signed in even after exiting the browser. This means that a user can re-launch the browser at a later time and gain access to the sites straight away without having to sign in to their accounts ...

Google Chrome

Fix Chrome error: apps extensions cannot be added from this website

Chrome is one of the most stable and secure browsers on the market today. The browser has many features which make it user-friendly and secure to use. Although to achieve its high status, the browser’s developers have had to develop and implement many features that affect users differently. One constant area under development is the ability to install extensions. Apps extensions and user scripts are used to automate regularly performed tasks by the user. The extensions still have their own ...