How to connect a Uhuru Gaming Mouse to your PC

Jason Breton

The type of gaming mouse usually determines your gaming experience on PC. The Uhuru gaming mouse is a decent device that can make your gaming experience worthwhile. 

The mouse has up to 1000 DPI, seven changeable LED colors, and six programmable buttons. Furthermore, it also features a programable MMO RGP for PCs and is compatible with both MAC and Windows.

Steps to connect a Uhuru gaming mouse to a PC

Even though the Uhuru gaming mouse provides an exceptional gaming experience, connecting it properly to your PC can be challenging. Here are simple steps to easily connect your Uhuru gaming mouse to your computer. 

1. Charge it

Before you connect your Uhuru gaming mouse to your PC, make sure to charge it fully. Being a wireless mouse, it comes with an internal rechargeable battery.

Note that you do not need to open it up and insert new batteries. You only need to charge it. 

A uhuru gaming mouse
Image: Amazon

So, how do you charge a Uhuru wireless gaming mouse? The mouse comes with a cable that you need to plug into a compatible plug or charging port.

It takes about thirty minutes to charge and that gives you about ten-hour use time. The good thing with this mouse is that you can use it while it is charging.

To charge a Uhuru gaming mouse, take the micro USB to USB cable that comes with the mouse and use it to connect to your PC. After plugging in the mouse, blue light should appear near the right-click button. This is how you will know that your mouse is charging.

Another impressive feature about the gaming mouse is that it has a sleep mode. This means the lights turn off, and the cursor does not move if it is left idle for more than eight minutes. 

2. Connect the wireless receiver

Next, you need to connect the Bluetooth receiver to your PC. You’ll find the dongle on the mouse’s underside. To connect:

  • Turn the mouse upside down and remove the dongle.
  • Insert it into one of the USB ports on your PC and switch the mouse on by pressing the ON button located on the underside of the mouse, next to the Bluetooth dongle port. 

For the Uhuru gaming mouse to properly work on your Windows device, you need to:

  • Download and install its drivers by selecting Gaming Mouse AP.
  • The subsequent link should say, which is what you need to download. (Do not bother downloading the instruction manual as it will not be helpful with regards to installing mouse drivers).
  • Extract the files, follow the given prompts and install the drivers.
Uhuru gaming mouse
Image: Pinterest/Geoffs Club

As for those asking, does Uhuru work with Mac? The answer is yes. The difference here is that you will not need to download any drivers. The mouse should connect with your computer seamlessly.

3. Turn on the Bluetooth connection button on your mouse

While some mice come listed as plug and play, unfortunately, the Uhuru gaming mouse does not.

You need to manually switch on the Bluetooth connection button to make the device visible to your PC. Fortunately, this step is straightforward.

Check the underside of the mouse, find the Bluetooth connection button situated right next to the dongle slot, and switch it on.

4. Connect the Uhuru gaming mouse to your PC

After following all the above steps, your mouse is now ready to be connected to your PC. First, go to the Bluetooth setting icon on your device and scan for “Uhuru Bluetooth mouse.”

Once you have located it, click on it and pair the devices. After this, your mouse will be ready for use. 

To ensure that the mouse is working correctly, look and see if the cursor appears on the screen. You should then move the cursor around to ensure that it is working correctly.

For those asking if a Uhuru mouse can drag click, the gaming mouse has a 1000 DPI, meaning it can do this spectacularly.  


The main thing to consider when looking to connect your Uhuru gaming mouse to your PC is the kind of computer you are using.

This will help you understand whether you need to download drivers, as it is with Windows PCs instead of MACs.

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