Fix Apple ID and phone number being used for iMessage on new iPhone

Tim Vickers

Apple, as a company, is synonymous with security; over the years, a secured ecosystem has been the company’s identity.

However, if you share Apple devices with family members or friends, you may not have control over key functionalities such as iMessage.

Every now and then, you may get a notification that “Your Apple ID and phone number are now being used for iMessage and FaceTime on a new iPhone.”

If you haven’t shared a password or Apple ID before or you can’t remember if you have used it on another device, then you need to take the necessary steps to fix this issue.

The same applies if you sold a previous device without logging out of your Apple ID. You will also get to know how to tell if your Apple ID is being used by someone else.

Solutions to ‘Apple ID and phone number are now being used for iMessage and FaceTime’

To fix the issue:

Solution #1: Change your Apple ID password

Apart from having strong passwords, it is important to change passwords regularly. In this case, changing your Apple ID/password is advisable.

To change the password;

  • Tap on Settings on your Apple device.
  • Tap on the ‘change Apple ID password’ option.
  • Enter earlier password
  • Create a new password.

Solutions #2: Update to the new iOS

Each new iOS comes with better security features. As an Apple user, you should ensure that your device is running on the latest iOS and if not, upgrading is advisable.

To upgrade iOS;

  • Tap the setting option on your Apple device.
  • On the setting app, go to the General Settings option.
  • Check the availability of a new software update.
  • If there is a new iOS version, download and safeguard your Apple gadget.
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The steps above will help you fix and prevent the issue from recurring.

How to tell if someone logs into your Apple ID?

Although Apple is the safest tech ecosystem in the world, your Apple ID may be compromised.

These are some of the ways to tell if your Apple ID is compromised.

  • If you get a notification —through an email— that your Apple ID is signed to an Apple device you do not recognize.
  • When you get the ‘password change’ notification.
  • If you get a message that a phone number is being used for iMessage on a new iPhone
  • When your password no longer works.

If someone has my Apple ID can they see my texts?

Unfortunately, yes. If somebody has your Apple ID, they can easily activate your iMessage. Therefore, they can send, receive and read previous chat threads.

Fortunately, Apple notifies you in case of new activation. If you suspect your password/Apple ID is compromised, changing it as soon as possible is advisable.

Changing Apple ID/password locks them out.

How do I know where my iMessage is being used?

Apple, through iOS updates, has improved iMessage security features. The updates do not limit us from sharing Apple ID/password details.

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to check where your apple id is in use and your Apple ID login history.

  • Go to your iPhone/iPod/iPad settings.
  • In the new iOS version, you will see different gadgets using your ID.
  • Click to check the device’s location.
  • If the sign-up location is different from where you are, change your Apple ID/password.
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Your iPhone is now secured!

The security of your Apple gadget is paramount for a better experience in the Apple ecosystem. Change the Apple ID password and ensure that your gadget has the latest software.

In addition to upgrading to the new iOS version, you should never share your Apple ID details with anyone.


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