What is Nativedropboxagent? Should you remove it?

If you have a Motorola or Samsung device that runs on Android, you may have come across the term Nativedropboxagent.

Unfortunately, unlike many pre-installed apps, this one causes many backend problems affecting the way your phone works. So, what is Nativedropboxagent? and must you keep it installed on your phone?

Nativedropboxagent is an application whose purpose is not clearly known. The app runs backend operations. As a result, many Android users do not use the app but are affected by the issues it brings.

Note that this app is not related to Dropbox, a cloud storage app. Therefore, you are likely to find it in a Motorolla or Samsung phone that doesn’t have Dropbox installed.

If your Android device is having problems with the application, then you are at the right place. By this post’s end, you will know if and how to uninstall the pre-installed app whenever it acts up.

Is Nativedropboxagent spyware?

Many Android users think the app is spyware because smartphone anti-virus software can detect the app as harmful software. However, even though the application has errors/bugs, it has some helpful features.

Noteworthy, Nativedropboxagent is not a virus or spyware. Some experts in the industry suggest that it is designed by manufacturers to help users move files easily, and it can work with Dropbox if it is installed.

If you don’t have the Dropbox app (or have disabled it), the Nativedropboxagent app may cause major issues. Dropbox has a lot of features that keep your documents and data safe.

What problems does the app create?

There are five main issues that users have complained about regarding Nativedropboxagent. Let’s have a look at what damage the app can cause:

  • It uses excessive internet data irrelevantly
  • It affects your device’s battery life and charging capacity
  • It initiates impromptu android shutdowns
  • It deteriorates the device’s performance and functionality

Nativedropboxagent can also create other uncommon issues you may be unaware of. To be safe, always check your device manager and any bugs it may get. It is also advisable to use a premium, reliable anti-virus.

Should I disable Nativedropropbox agent?

You can disable the application if it is doing more harm than good. Unfortunately, the Nativedropboxagent app comes pre-loaded, so disabling or uninstalling it needs some work.

The first thing you will do is disable the app’s updates by following this stepwise guide.

  • Go to your device Settings
  • Click on Apps and Notifications
  • Search for Nativedropboxagent and select uninstall updates.

After uninstalling updates, you can successfully disable the application. To do so:

  • Go back to your device’s Settings menu
  • Search for Apps
  • Select Nativedropboxagent
  • Tap Disable.

DIsable an app on Android

There you go! You can now rid yourself of all the problems the application has.

Forcing Nativedropboxagent to stop

If you do not want to uninstall the app, you can force it to stop. However, before stopping any pre-installed app, you should know that the action may interrupt or harm your device data.

To stop the app:

  • Go to your apps menu
  • Tap on Settings
  • Go to App Management
  • Select Nativedropboxagent
  • Tap Force Stop.

Force Stop apps on Android

Scanning your phone after removing Nativedropboxagent

If your phone still lags even after trying the solutions given above, consider running an anti-virus scan on your Android device. This step is necessary because it detects and eliminates any viruses/spyware on your mobile phone.

You can use the antivirus of your choice. Just make sure that it detects all types of malware, is trustworthy and is easy to use.

Safe mode for your phone

The final solution to deal with Nativedropboxagent errors is booting your device in safe mode. Then, hold down your phone’s power button down until the screen displays the power off menu.

Next, press the power off option until you see the safe mode menu on the screen. Select safe mode and boot your phone.



When your phone restarts in safe mode, downloaded applications are disabled. This helps troubleshoot your device without interruption.


The discussion above shows that some pre-loaded apps may cause a decrease in your device’s performance for various reasons. Nativedropboxagent is among these apps that can be problematic for Android users.

Although it is installed to help run backend operations, the application can potentially damage data and make the device lag. When you experience this, try any of the above solutions to eradicate the errors.

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