What does ‘USPS available for pickup’ mean?

What does it mean when USPS says my package is available for pick up? Well, if you receive shipments through USPS, you may have heard about product trucking codes. One code that you are likely to come across is “available for pick up.”

Unfortunately, code is one of the most confusing, as it can occur even when no delivery attempt has been made. So, what does it mean? Below is the complete info on the code, from its meaning to its causes, and how to resolve it.

Meaning of USPS “available for pick up” code

USPS available for pick up shows when your item has arrived at the post office and is ready for pickup.

It means that it could not be delivered, and is being held waiting for you to personally pick up.

Why is your USPS package held for pick up?

There are several reasons why your USPS package will show that it is available for pickup. They include:

  • A wrong delivery address.
  • If you are not available to receive the package or refuse the delivery
  • If there is no safe place to leave your package (when you are not available for delivery).
  • Incorrect shipping size: the package is larger than the indicated size and thus will require extra postage. In such a case, you must pick it up from USPS and pay the extra.
  • Other issues that inhibit delivery. For example, a dog, a car blocking the way, safety concerns on the USPS personnel, etc.

What to do when you get USPS “available for pick up”?

What can you do when your USPS package was never delivered but is available for pickup? Usually, after a failed delivery, USPS will leave a slip by your door or in the mail notifying you of the failure.

Sometimes, they might attempt re-delivery, or you can schedule one. If neither of these work, your package will be sent to the post office, where you will be required to pick it up.

To do so, you must find out the exact location of the post office. For this, go to the USPS tracking platform and enter your tracking number.

You will be able to find out the location of your package, and the tracking status. You can then go to the post office for pick-up.

Q&A about USPS deliveries

Have questions about USPS delivery, especially regarding the “available for pick up” code? Below are some common questions and answers:

Can someone else pick up my package from the post office?

Yes, you can have someone else pick up your package. However, you must authorize the said person to do so by:

  • Providing their details on the online redelivery application
  • Making a written authorization
  • Issuing a standing delivery order naming them as authorized recipients

Outside of these provisions, no one else can pick up your package from the post office, even if they have the same last name and address (your address.)

How long will USPS hold a package?

Once the delivery of your package has failed, it will be returned to the post office. When this happens, you have 15 days to pick it up. These 15 days will start from the first failed delivery.

A notice will usually be issued on the first day, and another final one about 5 days later.

What happens if you don’t pick up your package from the post office?

If you have not picked up the package within 15 days, USPS will ship it back to the sender.

Is USPS still doing pickups?

Are you looking to ship a package and require to pick up – instead of going to the post office? You are in luck.

You can schedule a pick-up, and a USPS staff will pick it up on their regular delivery time

If you have received the USPS available for pickup notice, the above information can help you fix the issue. However, you should note that the USPS staff might fail to leave it, or you might not see it when they do.

As a result, it is a good idea to keep tracking your package so that you can find out about failed deliveries as soon as possible.

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