RecordCast Review: The best free screen recorder?

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Your computer, Windows, macOS, and Linux, has built-in tools that can capture the screen. The devices also allow you to record the screen for other purposes like presentation, generating videos, or uploading helpful video clips to online sources.

While these built-in tools come in handy, they do not have many features like editing the videos you have recorded.

Therefore, if you want the best option for recording and editing your screen without installing any software or plugin, consider RecordCast.

RecordCast is a handy tool you can use to record your computer screen and voice. The easy-to-use application is the best for recording any video with a face cam, with both internal and mic audio.

Furthermore, once you record a video, the application has an in-built editor that allows you to add text, audio, and dynamic elements to make the video recording more lively.

What is RecordCast?

RecordCast is a web-based screen recording and video editing application. It works on your browser to record a captured screen and allows you to create, edit, and share a screencast with others.

Therefore, you do not have to download software or any plugin to use the service.


What are the pros and cons of using RecordCast?

In this RecordCast review, we’ll start by sharing the good and bad we encountered while using the app.


  • It is easy to use.
  • You can record videos online for free.
  • It supports unlimited projects.
  • No downloads necessary
  • It offers custom watermarks.
  • It gives you multiple recording and editing options.


  • Its free plan offers limited features.
  • You cannot share videos directly to other platforms like email or social media.

How to use RecordCast

If you are new to RecordCast, here is how to use it:

  • Go to
  • Log in to your account.
  • Open the Online Screen Recorder.
  • Set up the Video and Audio Recording Mode.
  • Start Recording.
  • Select a window or screen you want to record.
  • Once done, click on Stop Recording.

You can now download your video or edit it further.

What are the features of RecordCast?

The top features you will come across while using RecordCast are:

Recording modes

Audio Recording options on RecordCast

RecordCast has three audio options: System Audio, Microphone Audio, and System + Microphone Audio.

The audio options help record meetings or movies, record yourself delivering a presentation, and record gaming sessions.

Screen modes

RecordCast gives you three screen modes: Individual Mode for a single browser window, Application Mode for switching between different tabs, and Entire Computer Screen Mode for switching between other tabs while recording.

It also features editing options like adding text and video exports after recording and downloading videos in your preferred resolution.

How much does RecordCast cost?

RecordCast has a free and premium plan. You can use the application free without signing up for a trial.

However, you will only get to record a 5-minute video. You must create an account with the service if you want more options like downloading or saving a video project.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to its monthly plan of $5.99 to get all features provided by the service, including:

  • 30 minutes screen recording.
  • Save unlimited video projects online.
  • 720p and 1080p video download.
  • Custom watermark.

Also, the premium plan does not have the RecordCast intro.

What applications can you use with RecordCast?

Recording mode on RecordCast

You can use RecordCast on almost any application. The online application is ideal for gamers, instructors, content creators, and any individual or entity working with video content.

Is RecordCast safe?

RecordCast is private, safe, and secure. Although it is an online application, it allows you to do recordings and edit videos locally on your computer.

The web service does not have the option of uploading your files to a web server or any other third-party service.

RecordCast review: Is it worth it?

As you’ve seen from this RecordCast review, it is a great web-based screen recording and editing application. The tool is free to use and allows you to create, edit, and share screencasts in one place.

Furthermore, it is the best for recording online meetings, video tutorials, gameplay highlights, and presentations.

You can use the application by first signing up for a free account and start recording or editing your videos. However, you can still use the service without signing up.

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