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You may have noticed that your Samsung phone running on the Android operating system has a bundle labelled

The feature is available on all Samsung phones that run on the Android operating system. Nevertheless, some people may think of the bundle or application as suspicious.

Some Samsung users have even considered it a virus or a gateway that makes their devices vulnerable. But what is Is it safe, or should you delete it from your phone? is a safe application designed to enable it to run various critical processes. It is basically a system module that manages various aspects of your phone when making or receiving a call. They include speaker, mute, hold, cancel, among others.

To break it down, incallui is better understood when you separate the initials in the world to reveal its meaning. In-Call UI, where UI is User Interface. Therefore, .

What does mean?

SamsungIncallUI is the display that shows when making or receiving a call. It provides the interface between the phone and another module in Samsung called

Furthermore, it provides interactivity with users during calls, enabling them to access the dial tone, speaker, keypad, and mute options.

Therefore, you can achieve many things with the module, including:

1. Ending a call

The system gives you the user interface or button for ending a call.

2. Putting a call on hold

It would be impossible to put an ongoing call on hold without

3. Change call audio

Call UI on Samsung
Samsung’s call UI

If you use Bluetooth as a listening device, the system module allows you to switch the call audio off or onto a Bluetooth device.

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4. Place call on speaker

You can place a call on the speaker to listen to the other person hands-free.

5. Minimize call interface

During a call, the only thing that displays is the call interface. But with, you can minimize the interface, allowing you to access other applications on your phone.

When that happens, InCallUI will work in the background. Also, you will see a coloured notification bar on top of your screen. That way, you will continue with your call and do other things.

6. Dial keys

During a call, especially to a service provider, you may receive instructions to dial specific keys to get assistance. Thus, allows you to bring up the keyboard to dial the keys.

7. Mute a call

The module makes it easier to mute calls and prevents the other person from listening to you or the voices around you.

8. Call recording facilitates the call recording option on Samsung devices.Call recording

8. Caller ID

The feature shows the profile photo and caller ID of the person you call. However, you will only see the image if you already have it under the person’s contact.

9. Turn off the proximity sensor

Have you noticed that your phone’s lights go off during a call? That is because a proximity sensor on your phone turns off the phone’s display when it is close to your face.

So, when the display is off, it prevents you from accidentally touching the end button. Also, it will stop you from doing other things like tapping the record, muting, or bringing up the keyboard.

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Also, the feature allows you to add another person to your call or start a group or conference call. 

Is InCallui a virus?

InCallUI is not a virus. Instead, it is a system module designed for Android phones.

You can access the feature in your phone’s settings.

Should you use is a system module you can use on your Samsung device.

It is helpful because it allows you to access essential features during a call.

How to access

You can access by following the steps below:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on the three buttons on the top.
  • Select Show System apps.
  • Scroll through the list and find incallui or
  • Tap on it.

You will get different options when you tap on it, including clearing size, cache used, and permissions.


Your Samsung phone has an application or system module labelled The module is safe to use and offers the interface for ongoing calls.

For example, it allows you to do different things, including bringing up the keypad, ending, muting, recording, and holding a call.

Additionally, you can use it to minimize the call interface and access other apps while the call is ongoing.

The module also turns off the proximity sensor, allowing the call display to go off to avoid ending a call accidentally or tapping the loudspeaker option.


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