Tweakbox not working? how to fix

Tweakbox is considered as the one of the most successful 3rd party App stores that provide content for iOS users. The applications available are well designed so that they do not need you to jailbreak your iPhone to install them.

Tweakbox has a huge inventory and as such is depended upon by many users.

Like most applications, Tweakbox also faces its own share of issues. Problems ranging from Tweakbox Spotify not working to the rather popular problem of Tweakbox not working.

There are few reasons that lead to these errors.  The main cause of bugs is an installation error. Below are some ways to fix Tweakbox not working error.

Method 1:  Update your Tweakbox

Tweakbox online app fails to download many times. This error is usually caused by having an obsolete Tweakbox for iOS.

A pop up usually comes notifying the user that ‘Tweakbox couldn’t be installed this time.’ Once you see such a message, be sure that you are facing an update issue. The first step to take is to upgrade to a newer version.

Uninstall your current Tweakbox app and download the latest available version of the app. This should immediately solve any issues you have. If it doesn’t work follow the next step.

Method 2: Clear cache

This fix is preferred when facing profile installation errors. The profile error is caused by huge traffic which causes server load.

The easiest way to handle this is by trying the profile installation at a later time when there is less traffic.

However, you can follow the steps below to apply a quick fix;

  1. Turn on flight mode
  2. Navigate to your browser, clear your history and website data
  3. Confirm to clear everything
  4. Disable flight mode
  5. Wait for about 3 minutes and start the installation of your app.
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Method 3: Use Tweakbox web version

This is used when applications on Tweakbox app cannot install. You simply fix Tweakbox by using their website version.

On the website, you can download and install applications you need without the need for another third-party application.

This is particularly effective as it saves space and time for download. To do this follow the steps listed here;

  1. Open your mobile browser
  2. Visit
  3. On the search box on the right, type the name of the application you want.
  4. Select it from the list available and download it
  5. Go to your download folder and install the application.

Method 4: Restart your device

If you apply the above fixes but still face issues, restart your mobile phone. This will help with temporary bugs available. Another option would be to get a VPN.

Go to settings and check whether you have a VPN on. If not, ensure you have it on and then restart your phone. Go to the Tweakbox app and try to install any app you want.

The above procedures should work to fix errors in Tweakbox.