How to connect X-Sense smoke detector to Tuya Smart app

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The X-Sense smoke detector works around the clock to help you detect smoke in your home. It will sound the alarm whenever it senses smoke to give you ample time to act.

While some X-Sense smoke detectors use Wi-Fi, others do not.

The advantage of using one with Wi-Fi is that it will notify you once it detects smoke in your home, even if you are not around. The device sends you an alert through the Tuya Smart app on your smartphone.   

If you have an X-Sense Wi-Fi smoke alarm, you have to set it up via the Tuya Smart app to connect to your wireless network.

What is the Tuya Smart app and what does it do?

Tuya is an all-encompassing smart app. It supports multiple interfaces to allow users to connect their smart devices across brands and categories.

Furthermore, the application can work as a smart home control hub. In this context, you can connect your X-Sense smoke detector to the Tuya Smart app to operate the device.

X-Sense XS01-WT test

For example, you can use the app to get alarm notifications, access historical data or the log, and test your alarm.

Does X-Sense have an app?

X-Sense has an app for iOS and Android devices. The application makes it easier to monitor and remotely control your home devices.

For example, you can use it to silence the smoke alarm remotely. The app will also give you instant alerts whenever there is a fire hazard in your home, and you are away.

While you can use the X-Sense app, connecting it to the Tuya Smart app offers more options and also the ability to connect different devices from a central point.

How to connect an X-Sense smoke detector to Wi-Fi?

Before connecting your X-Sense smoke detector to Wi-Fi via the Tuya Smart app:

  • Ensure that you have a 2.4 GHz wireless network since the device is incompatible with a 5 GHz network.
  • Remove the insulating film from the battery compartment of your X-Sense smoke detector.  The alarm will turn on. You will see the LED indicator flashing red and continuously blue. The alarm will then activate.

Now that you have activated the alarm, its time to connect it to the app. Follow these steps to connect your X-Sense smoke detector to the Tuya Smart app:

  • Download and install the Tuya Smart app for iOS or Android, depending on the device you are using.
  • Tap Register, enter your country and email address, then tap on Get Verification Code.

Tuya Smart Registration

  • Enter the verification code and your preferred password then log in after the account has been created.
  • Tap the + icon then select Add Device
  • Tap Continue when the access permissions popup displays.

Grant permissions Tuya Smart

  • Turn on Bluetooth and WiFi. Tuya Smart should detect your smoke detector automatically.

Pairing mode Bluetooth WiFi Tuya Smart

  • If the automatic option doesn’t work, you can pair your smoke detector to the app manually. Tap on Sensors under Add Manually then select Alarm (Wi-Fi).

Adding alarm manually Tuya Smart app

  • Select your WiFi network and enter the password. Make sure it is the 2.4 GHz version and that it is the same network you wish to connect the smoke detector. Tap Next and wait for the connection to establish.

X-Sense Wi-Fi Tuya Smart app

  • Wait for the app to detect and add your smoke detector. It should show Adding device then your smoke detector after a few minutes.

X-Sense smoke alarm detected on Tuya App

  • Tap on the image of the smoke alarm on the app then wait for it to pair.

X-Sense added to Tuya app

  • Go to the homepage to check the status of your smoke alarm. You should see everything about the alarm, including the battery level and device status (like No Smoke Alarm).

Tuya app X-Sense home

You’ve now connected your X-Sense smoke detector to the Tuya Smart app. Next, you have to test if it is working.

How to test if your smoke alarm is connected

Follow these steps:

  • Enable the smoke alarm and enter the Wi-Fi connection mode.
  • Hold down the test/silence button on your device for three seconds.
  • The alarm will beep once, and the LED indicator will flash blue.
  • Go to the app interface and select ‘Confirm the indicator is blinking rapidly.’

You can also test your alarm directly from the app’s interface. Just go to All Devices, select X-Sense Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm, and then tap Test when the Notification Test popup shows up.

Tuya app test X-Sense

If the connection is successful, the LED indicator will stop flashing blue after two minutes.

But if the connection is not successful, you will have to reconnect the smoke alarm by removing the battery for a few minutes and starting again.

Note that the connection may not be successful if you entered the wrong password or the connecting devices (smartphone, router, or alarm) are not near each other.

Now that you’ve connected your smoke alarm, here is a sample screenshot of an alarm notification whenever the device detects smoke in your home. The notification is accompanied by a continuous beep.

Alarm Notification X-Sense Tuya Smart app


When you buy the X-Sense Wi-Fi smoke alarm, you need to connect it to a wireless network. First, however, you must download and install the Tuya Smart app and complete the setup.

But to ensure a successful connection, you must have a 2.4 GHz wireless network since the device is incompatible with a 5 GHz network. Then, follow the prompts on the app to finish the setup.

Finally, if the connection fails, check to ensure that you entered the correct Wi-Fi password and that your connecting devices (smartphone, router, or alarm) are near each other.

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