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10 best FM transmitter apps for iPhone

If you want to listen to music, podcasts, and talk shows without spending on music streaming apps, then you need a good FM transmitter app for your iPhone. The way Radio works, you need to be in the transmission zone to connect to the frequency of whatever channel you want to listen to. However, FM transmitter apps allow you to tune in to your favorite channel even when you are in a different country. We’ve compiled this list based on ...

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7 best offline radio apps that don’t use data or Wi-Fi in 2023

Even with multiple streaming platforms, people still rely on radio for entertainment and information –for a good reason. Podcasts have mimicked the radio’s approach to telling stories, but the space for radio is irreplaceable. Unlike two decades ago, it is possible to listen to your favorite radio station from your iPhone or Android device using free offline radio apps. These radio apps don’t need data or WiFi: 1. NextRadio NextRadio has redefined how people listen to radio and music. It ...