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How to delete a Google Voice Number

Deleting your Google Voice number isn’t as hard as you think. In fact, you can do it on your iPhone or smartphones running Android OS. Noteworthy, you should only delete the number if you want to stop using Google Voice permanently or for any other personal reasons. However, if you intend to continue using the service, deleting Google Voice may not be the best thing to do. Instead, you can use alternative options that won’t result in losing your Google ...

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Received Google verification code text without requesting?

Have you ever received a text from Google with a verification code for which you did not request? Well, don’t click on any link in the message or send the code to anybody. A Google Verification Code is a short numeric code. Google sends it to its subscribers via email or phone. Its primary function is to verify your identity or prove you are the owner of an account. So, does Google send random verification code texts? No. Ideally, you ...

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What is a Google subscriber number? Everything you should know

Google allows its users to place free calls from Gmail. But when a person receives a call, it will appear to have come from a random shared number that the recipient will not recognize. Despite its good uses, many people have reported receiving unsolicited calls from Google. So, what is a Google subscriber number, and how does it work? If you are using Google Voice, you can sign up for a phone number. You will receive the phone number for ...