Best apps that make you look skinny or slimmer in 2022

While most of us would like to have that athletic body, achieving the desired shape physically might be too demanding.

However, this does not mean you cannot post pictures of yourself on social media looking how you would like.

There are numerous apps to make you look thinner online. The truth is, it can be challenging to find the perfect one for you.

Here are the best apps to make you look skinny or slimmer:

1. Perfect Me

Perfect Me is one of the best apps that make you look skinny. This body research and photo editor can do wonders, especially when helping you get the look you want, at least picture-wise.

Not only can the free app help you reshape your body curves to get that slim look you want, it offers a whole host of features to help you create that perfect image of yourself you desire. 

With Perfect Me, you can attain that perfect figure, thin waist, abs, tattoos, and long legs. The app is also ideal when it comes to face reshaping. 

Perfect Me app

It enables you to retouch your face and make it as skinny as you desire. It can help you attain a slimmer look, but it can also help enlarge or minimize your eyes, lengthen or shorten your nose, get a bright and plump lip and smoothen your face.

Perfect Me is a body and face enhancer app for online showcasing or self-entertainment.

In addition, it is a handy tool for posting that ideal of yourself on social media sites such as Instagram. 

One thing that makes this body and faces enhancer app so popular is that it is very easy to use.

With a few simple clicks, you can edit your photo and have yourself looking like a celebrity in no time.

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In addition, it makes it easy for you to edit your body shape, smoothen your skin and remove acne from your skin if you have some.

Download Perfect Me on Android

2. BodyTune

BodyTune will make you look as you want in the photo. The app will automatically identify the parts of your body so you can choose what actions you want to take on it.

You can select the shape of your belly and waistline, for example. The app will demonstrate to you several variations, and you will choose one which fits better into the picture.

Depending on your choice, you can slim or widen your hips. Or you can make yourself look taller by making your legs longer. You can also create tattoos on your body. With this feature, there are exciting options to try out.


As one of the best photo editors that make you look skinnier, Body Tune allows you to edit your body with six-pack abs, muscles, and chest stickers.

You can also change your hair, beard, and moustache. Its body editor offers many surgery menus, including hip, waist, face, and height.

The Collage Maker section allows you to create a photo collage with hundreds of layouts in seconds. You can edit photos with filters, stickers, texts, and much more.

Download BodyTune on Android | iOS

3. RetouchMe

Another popular body slimmer app is Retouch. You must have seen pictures of celebrities online showing off their perfect bodies and wondered how such magnificent creatures exist in the same world as you, right?

Some of these pictures might seem too perfect to be natural. That is precisely the case in some instances. Many people, including celebrities, edit their photos before posting them online.

Using a picture editor, such as RetouchMe, to make you look skinner, you can also retouch your photos before posting them online.

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The fact that more than 15 million people have downloaded RetouchMe is evidence that speaks to the app’s quality in photo editing. So forget about Photoshop; with RetouchMe, you can retouch your photos and create that realistically skinny look you desire. 

RetouchMe is a very easy-to-use app. All you need to do is upload the photo you need onto the app and choose what to alter.

After uploading the photo, you will see bars below the photos displaying the categories you can choose to alter in the photo. These categories include body, face, photo, and accessories.

By selecting any of these categories, you can edit and retouch your chosen photo section and make it as perfect as you would like. 

RetouchMe is a perfect photo editing app that helps you remove wrinkles, slim your nose and cheeks, plump your lips, and a whole host of other body and face retouch features.

In addition, the app can help make your waist smaller, enlarge your eyes, add beautiful hair and remove tattoos.

Download RetouchMe on Android | iOS

4. Trim Slim Tall

With Trim Slim Tall, you have one of the best applications to edit your image so that you look slim from top to bottom.

The app’s excellent features let you resize your faces, such as eyes and nose, apply filters, stickers, frames, and lots more. 

Trim Slim Tall

Some best features of Make me Slim Photo Editor are:

1. Editing tool

Choose an image from your gallery and resize your body parts separately:

  • Height: you can set the height of your pic to make it look slimmer by setting the value through a slider.
  • Waist: make your waist slim and flat to look leaner.
  • Hips: adjust the width of your hips to look perfect.
  • Chest: move the slider to get the ideal chest size
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2. Feature editor 

This option lets you pick an image from the gallery and make your face and other features editable:

  • Face: adjust the broadness of the face to make your whole face look slim.
  • Eyes: make your eyes look bigger and more beautiful.
  • Nose: flatten your nose with little margin to get the perfect shape.
  • Filters: mesmerizing filters are available to blend with the picture.
  • Stickers: a vast collection of adorable stickers to stick over the image.
  • Frame: add a border frame to your pic to make it picture-perfect.

5. Spring

Spring is another good example of apps that make you look thinner. This app is slightly different from the previous ones because it targets another type of audience.

It will probably be appreciated by boys and girls, a more mature audience, and half-professional photographers.

Spring app

The key feature is that it makes you look skinny naturally without any intricate manipulations.

It is an advantage from one side because it is, in most cases, impossible to identify whether your photo has been edited.

But, on the other hand, it is not so detailed. But if you have a group picture and want to slim just yourself, you can do that.

Download Spring on Android | iOS


With most of us living another life online nowadays, we must present ourselves in the best light possible.

The above list of top-notch body and face editing tools will help you edit and retouch your photos. You’ll also get rid of any flaws, leaving you looking as perfect as any celebrity online today. 

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